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Retired resources and attic wads

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When a resource is replaced it gets moved to the attic, so it can be used later or someone can use it for something else.

I think there should be small wads premade of specific resources. Each monster/item/map would have its own wad. This make it very easy for modders as well as interested players to customize their own game.

Someone wants to rip or use one of the old shotguns? They just download a wad and -file it. Swap in the old pinky demon from 0.5, its done in seconds.

Suggested naming scheme: shotgun-0.4.wad, demon-0.5.wad.

Single sprite items, like weapon pickups seem fine as a normal .gif in attic repo. They are not a collection of graphics.

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There is leftover.wad, which I put together a few years ago. It's only a subset of the full collection of stuff that's in the attic though.

I understand where you're coming from and it would be nice to have mini test WADs, but I wonder how many people are interested in using the attic material anyway. Is it worth the effort?

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