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Thread on hallucinogens deleted. Reason?

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So I recently started a thread about my experiences with hallucinogens, not as a "I got fuuuuuuucked up" boast, but as a experimenter reporting results. Yes, I know, this is not Erowid, but "Everything Else" can be a parade of weird, with hardly any subject being too controversial for discussion. The only stuff that usually gets Hell'd is usually too stupid for human mental consumption, or contains warez. However, I didn't find my thread in Post Hell; it was just suddenly gone. I thought, perhaps it just didn't register on EE, but I actually checked back a few minutes after posting and it was still there. It got deleted, I suppose, a few hours later.

Is there some sort of taboo concerning discussion of hallucinogens around here? I understand that their illegal nature might raise an eyebrow or two, but if anything, that's a childishly pathetic justification. It is my opinion that their usage is an incredibly important part of the human experience, as is discussing their effects. So what I'm saying is, if it got deleted because of some perceived taboo, then that suggests immaturity and fear. If it got deleted by some server accident, then I'd like to revive it.

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The blogs forum is kind of elusive since it seems the only way to access it is manually type in the url, I guess you just have to think about whether what you're talking about is personal based and if it needs to be a blog.

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