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Heretic: War of the Sidhe (v0.5 released! 2/23/15)

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War of the Sidhe is a mutator (a mod that adds no new graphic or sound assets and relies on lump-based manipulation of IWAD assets to create 'new' ones) weapons mod for Heretic, which puts a new spin on the original game's weaponry.



In War of the Sidhe, there are no Tomes of Power to make your weapons temporarily more powerful; every weapon has those abilities from the start, and most have additional attacks beyond that.

The melee attacks of the wand and the non-magically enchanced attacks of the gauntlets consume stamina. Taking damage also reduces stamina. Your stamina slowly recovers when most weapons are idling, and you can pick up or use stamina vials to recover ten stamina (more below).

The basic health pickup will sometimes be replaced by other vials:

Stamina Vial:
These red vials replenish ten stamina, up to a max of one hundred. If your stamina is maxed, you'll add it to your inventory, up to a max of sixteen. You'll lose all but one of your stamina vials when you advance to the next map, so use them up!

Vitality Vial:
A green vial that adds ten health, beyond the standard limit of one hundred, up to a max of two hundred.

Additionally, sometimes a stamina vial and a health or a vitality vial will appear as a set. If you can use one vial but not the other, you'll drop the latter for later acquisition.


Enchanted Gauntlets:
The gauntlets rely on two sources of ammunition; your stamina, and gauntlet energy. Stamina is replenished at a rate of about 1 point per half second when most weapons, including the gauntlets, are equipped and idling, and gauntlet energy recovers at a rate of about 1 point per second.
-Tap primary fire quickly to swipe with the left and right claws. Once you've gotten a two (or more) -hit combo, quickly press secondary to finish with energy tendrils. Standard claw swipes consume stamina; a little is spent to swipe, and a bit more will be taken if the attack connects with something, whether it be an enemy or a surface. Finisher consumes gauntlet energy.
-Press & hold secondary to do green energy tendrils. This attack consumes gauntlet energy at a slower rate than the finisher, but it also attacks slower.
Press reload to bring up the claws. From this state you can do one of two things:
-Press & hold primary to bring up a shield which reflects all projectile fire, including whirlwinds. Consumes gauntlet energy quickly while active.
-Tap secondary to swap between green and red magic. When red magic is equipped, attacks involving the magic tendrils will steal life, but cost twice as much gauntlet energy to perform. The shield functionality remains unchanged.

War Wand:
-Primary fire is the standard hitscan as seen in the vanilla Goldwand. Continue holding the button for autofire.
-Secondary is four shots in rapid sucession. Less accurate than primary, uses five ammo, and hitscans do slightly less damage. Can't autofire.
-Press reload to flip the wand around, changing it to a melee weapon similar to the vanilla staff. Press primary to do a thrust. Consumes stamina, but also steals a bit of magic to power the wand's standard primary attack, when your ammo is critically low. When your stamina is leass than 25% of the max, your melee attack will be a quick jab that does minimal damage, and doesn't push foes as far away. It also doesn't steal wand ammo.
-When the blunt end is out, press secondary to charge it with wand crystal energy, then press primary for a single powerful attack which will also push enemies away from you and possibly daze them, making them infight. Consumes 15 wand crystal ammo. Also consumes stamina; the more you have, the more powerful the attack will be. All of your stamina will be expended on this attack. The charge will only end (and ammo/stamina will only be taken away) if the attack connects with an enemy or surface. Stamina does not refill while the charged end of the staff is idle.

Ethereal Siegebow:
Has three levels of attack for the primary. Press reload to swap between them:
-Level one is an unenchanted bolt that costs one ammo and doesn't do much damage, but it won't alert enemies and rips through them. Keep primary held to fire three more in rapid sucession, provided you have at least three more bolts.
-Level two is the crossbow attack from the vanilla Heretic non-powered crossbow; one powerful bolt and two weaker ones. Costs one ammo.
-Level three fires three powerful bolts and four weak ones at a cost of three ammo. These red bolts also push enemies farther back than the ones fired by the level two primary.
-Press secondary fire to launch Phoenix Eggs from the bow underneath. They're explosives that ricochet off walls.

-Primary fire is same as vanilla; a rapid fire hitscan.
-Press reload to swap between the two altfires:
-First altfire is the tomed attack found on the vanilla Dragonclaw. A projectile is fired which bursts into as many as eight rippers on contact with an enemy or surface.
-Second altfire is a scope. Press altfire to toggle it. While zoomed, your primary changes to a more accurate & powerful three-shot burst, but your movement speed while zoomed is halved. The three-shot burst costs fifteen ammo.

Staff of the Phoenix:
-Primary fire is the flamethrower.
-Secondary fire is the explosive projectiles fired by the vanilla Rod, but with a twist; they will home in on a target projected by the staff. Move your view around, and the projectile will adjust to fly towards it.
-Press reload to convert flame orbs into flamethrower ammo; one orb makes ten ammo

Staff of Rituals:
-Press reload to switch between the staff's three modes, each of which has its own primary and secondary fire:
-First mode is similar to the vanilla hellstaff. Primary rapidfires red energy projectiles, secondary fires a projectile that creates a torrent of red rain on impact.
-Second mode's primary throws cursed flames on a a target, causing them to shatter when they die, leaving behind a magic sigil which will stun enemies caught in its area of effect. The secondary fire is a homing projectile that curses an enemy. If an affected enemy is killed before the curse ends, a purple, gas-spewing pod will spawn over the corpse. When other foes get near it, the pod will explode. The bigger the enemy, the bigger the pod, and the more damage it will do; to you as well!
-Third mode's primary launches miniature green gargoyles that will seek after enemies. The secondary summons one large green gargoyle that will attack enemies until it dies.


Protect yourself with the Enchanted Gauntlet's shield.

Paralyzing enemies with the Staff of Ritual's curse flames.

Picking off foes from a distance with the Dragonclaw's second altfire.

The guided explosive altfire of the Phoenix Staff is based off a resource wad by cybermind.

War of the Sidhe - Version 0.5

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From a first glance the weapons are way too overloaded, you could safely split every one of them into two or even tree weapons.
Also i am suspicius about the usefullness of some features (nominally everything about the wand except the normal fire, and the scope of the claw), i will try it out when i have some free time.

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Version 0.3 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

Version 0.3 Changelog:

-Alchemace now available. Spawns in place of the Firemace, and similarly, only has a chance of spawning. Primary launches a big bouncing homing metal ball that explodes after a few bounces or when it hits an enemy. Costs fifteen ammo. Secondary causes the spikes around the head to spin. In this mode, run into enemies to do a chainsaw-like attack. Ammo is expended when the head impacts things; less ammo when it hits organic foes, more when it hits metal enemies or walls. Press primary to stop the spin, or secondary while it's spinning to launch a bunch of little homing balls. Costs ten ammo. Press and hold reload to convert one unit each of War Wand, Siegebow, Dragonclaw, Phoenix Staff and Staff of Ritual ammo into five units of Alchemace ammo.
-Hitting walls with the basic melee attack of the wand no longer increases wand ammo when you have less than 25 units of that ammo type.
-Previously, Weredragon corpses used the wrong sprite when killed by the Staff of Ritual curse mode altfire.

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Version 0.5 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

Version 0.5 Changelog:
-If you switch away from the Warwand with the blunt end out, then switch back, the wand will have the gem end facing forward.
-In a recent change to G/ZDoom, var ints no longer pass to actors through inheritance, so the mod caused an error when starting up in newer dev versions.
-Pressing and holding altfire with the Dragonclaw while the scope altfire is selected no longer causes the claws to flicker.
-Red bolts for Warbow dissipate after they travel a certain distance.
-Digits for health & stamina readout in HUD change color as they decrease.
-Ash Gargoyles properly return to their See state after attacking.
-Vilegoyle gibs are now translated correctly.
-The secret level for each episode now has an all-new entrance text.
-A puff used by the Alchemace no longer encounters an invalid state.
-Bar hud correctly displays primary & secondary ammo counts.
-Previously, Warlocks were only using their earth spike magic if the target was within 256 units of the caster, when it should have been the reverse.
-Episode 6, or at lease the three levels that comprise it, can be chosen from the Episode Select menu. Keep in mind E6M3 has no proper exit, so when you're done you need to choose a new episode/level from the menu or console.

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Won't run on the latest svn of gzdoom or zdoom, with this error:

Attempt to get invalid state DCCont from actor MaceGrinderPuff.
(Not sure what's up with this one)

Script error, "warofsidhe-v03.pk3:actors/enemies.txt" line 362:
'user_smokepersist' is already defined in 'AshGargoyleChip' or one of its ancestors.
(actors automatically inherit user variables from their parent actors, so there's no need to define them more than once. zdoom won't even run because of this.)

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rf` said:

Won't run on the latest svn of gzdoom or zdoom, with this error:

Attempt to get invalid state DCCont from actor MaceGrinderPuff.
(Not sure what's up with this one)

Script error, "warofsidhe-v03.pk3:actors/enemies.txt" line 362:
'user_smokepersist' is already defined in 'AshGargoyleChip' or one of its ancestors.
(actors automatically inherit user variables from their parent actors, so there's no need to define them more than once. zdoom won't even run because of this.)

I think you downloaded it before I changed the link; the error message says you're loading v03.

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