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Zandronum Friday Night Fragfest #236: Legendary SkullBag & SMDM Instagib Deathmatch

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Frag some folks and bag some loose change tomorrow in Legendary SkullBag! Drop your earnings in the receptacle deep within enemy territory to score for your team. Later, in American FNF, everyone will be showering in giblets on Sabbat Martyr Instagib Deathmatch! Bring a railgun and an umbrella.

European FNF
When: September 18th, 2014, 18:00 UTC
Where: Grandvoid, UK
WADs: ST actors, ST data, Legendary CTF, SkullBag, ZandroSpree, NewTextColours, connect sound
Mode: 32-Player SkullBag
Maplist: MAP01, 04, 06-08, 10-13, 15-19, 22

American FNF
When: September 18th, 2014, 20:00 EDT
Where: Best Ever servers
WADs: ST actors, ST data, SMDM, railgun, ZandroSpree, NewTextColours
Mode: 32-Player Deathmatch (instagib)
Maplist: SMDM01, 03-04, 07, 09-12, 15-16, 21-22, 25, 27, 35, 37, 42

If you want to join, you'll need to download the latest version of Zandronum. You can find out anything else you need to know about Zandronum here. More specific details for this event can be found here. If you need help setting up Zandronum, please look here.

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