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Doom Legacy Port Soundtrack Format

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By sound track I assume you mean MIDI music, or maybe a CDROM song track.

I have not yet had to do that so I do not have a simple answer.
From what I know, DoomLegacy uses the same music formats as other ports, so configuring the music for Doom Wad or Boom Wad should work.

I do not remember any handling of any special music formats, just MIDI.

I believe it can play music from CDROM, but I never use that so I do not know what it works on right now, or even how other ports behave.
From what I remember it asks SDL to play a CDROM song track and gives it a track number, and that is all it does.
Please test it before assuming that it even works anymore.

There are also background ambient sounds, but that does not sound like what you want. DoomLegacy special stuff is configured in a special lump (which I do not remember the name of right now), but a music track should not require that.

WDJ, DoomLegacy Team

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Nope, external files soundtrack. MP3/Ogg/FLAC. There're some Legacy maps which come with a soundtrack though, so that might show what the format is like.

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