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Aliens: The Compilation

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I've admired the work people have put into Doom mods for the most part. Some I admire more than others. One such mod (or set of mods, as the case may be) is the collection of various Aliens-themed mods made for Doom. As such, I have decided to pay homage to the ones responsible for such excellently-designed projects (most notably the one who started it all, Justin Fisher) by creating a compilation of the three best Aliens mods (at least in my opinion).

This compilation is for Ultimate Doom v1.9, and includes levels from the original Aliens TC, Aliens: The Second Nukage, and the lesser-known AliensDM. And by includes levels from them, I mean it includes each and every level contained in each game. Knee Deep in the Dead, for example, has been fully replaced with the first 9 levels of Aliens: The Second Nukage. That's 4 chapters of bughunting for you marines out there! And did I mention it's Vanilla Doom-compatible?

But this mod compilation is not without its new share of content! I personally added in a few things I feel should have been included from the get-go, such as a flashlight and an improved shotgun sound effect. And as time goes on, I will continue to update the compilation with even newer, better content!

One final thing I would like to clarify: I am in no way attempting to take credit for the original designs of the individual Aliens mods. Each separate mod is the respective property of its creator(s), and should be viewed as such. I'm just combining them so they will be easier to access as a whole.

The download link can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/?hfa69shdo1wse0a

Comments are welcome, compliments are appreciated, and complaints are acknowledged. Enjoy!

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