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doom level viewer (fixed it again!)

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download link is here *FIXED IT, WORKS AGAIN*

This is the product of a set of libraries for Unity3D i'm working on that allows me to load doom data into Unity for editing or other use.

This is a simple tool to load up and fly around doom/2 levels, mainly as a proof of concept and test for the library.

It has only just reached a distributeable state and therefore has *many problems*. It shouldn't ever crash, but only very basic support is in currently.

The requirements for viewing a level are something like:
-PLAYPAL (note: no COLORMAP necessary)
-a map to load, in Vanilla Doom format. (others may work)
-all textures and flats used in the level, in Doom Graphic and Doom Flat format.

This mainly means that only IWADs are supported, but stuff like btsx could possible work.


I don't have a lot of time to work on this project, so testing doesn't take much priority, as such I would be incredible grateful if you could give it a try and let me know of any problems not already listed in the readme.txt.

Particular things I would like to see tested, but haven't had time:
- Does it work with Doom 1 levels and ExMx format?
- How do self-referencing sectors such as plutonia map02's render?
- Does BTSX e1/2 work?
- Chex Quest? Heretic? maybe even Hexen? (though hexen is not likely)

For any report it would be very handy to know the wad and level name, and the area of the level the problem is found if applicable.

Thank you for checking this out! Any help is appreciated, and will go towards turning this into an Actually Useful tool (possibly many!) eventually :)

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jmickle66666666 said:

What kind of warning are you getting?

Chrome warning, I won't try to download because I barely even know you.

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Ah ok, that'll likely be because it's not a commonly downloaded file (I've pretty much only just put it online, so that makes sense). Not much I can do about that I guess!

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Sounds interesting, I'll give it a test drive tomorrow.

joe-ilya said:

Chrome warning

That's Chrome being over-protective. I checked the download with ESET Smart Security and found nothing nasty.

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oh? damn. Could you upload the output_log.txt file for me so I can take a look?

EDIT: Nevermind I've found the problem, I did something stupid.

This build won't work for anyone, I'll fix it as soon as I get home. Sorry everyone!

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Sounds really cool, thanks for doing this! Can't wait till its done :)

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I fixed it :) (also another silly bug with ceilings not rendering)

edit: just to note - this tool currently acts just like doom builder 2's 3d mode, only not as good yet haha.

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