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RDC Speedmapping #14 voting

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The 14th Russian 3 hour speedmapping contest took place today. Here is the compilation: http://t3dstudio.ru/tempo/SOD_spd14.rar (5 maps in Boom format)

If you want, you can participate in the judging process. Please rate each map from 1 to 10 and explain your rating (marks without any explanation won't count).

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Aww, no-one told me it was happening. Ah well.

MAP01: A nice cute little map with some decent gameplay: I managed to beat this one first try, which is usually kind of unheard of for me. Not a cakewalk by any means, but the difficulty doesn't detract from the experience. 7/10

MAP02: HOLY CRAP WHAT. Why is everything scrolling? And who puts a door texture as a midtexture in a doorway? That aside, this one felt poorly executed: you can actually see multiple SSGs littered around, so I think it's safe to say that no much time was devoted to the gameplay. It's a shame really, a decent bit of polish and this could be decent. This isn't a Joe-Ilya map, is it? 2.5/10

MAP03: A well made and clean looking map that repeatedly clocked me in the head with Revenant rockets. I didn't beat this one. :P Nevertheless it looks excellent and the gameplay is well done, if a bit more high-tier than I am. 8/10

MAP04: Meh. This one looks downright bland and the gameplay seems to match. Not sure what else to say about it. 2.5/10

*Loads map*
*Sees 600 monsters in automap*
*Slinks out*

I'll leave this one for more competent players to judge.

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this is pretty wild man, would love to try out some of the wads from other sessions where are the rest of these posted?

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MAP01 - 5/10
Very nice looking map. Didn't like gameplay though. First time I played it I dropped from the ledge and couldn't get back up because monsters blocked stairs and I had no ammo to kill them. On the second playthrough I finished it under 2 mins hardly killing anyone.

MAP02 - 3/10
Bad design. Everything is scrolling and I found colors rather unpleasantly acidic. Weird door effect that does not fit there. Gameplay is hectic and first two or three times I died trying to find place safe from hitscanners and whatever else attacked me. Nonsensical secret too.

MAP03 - 4/10
Ok design. Nothing special but does not look poor. Poor gameplay. I couldn't find a safe place in all areas plus there too many revenants and archviles. At the very start you're basically surrounded by monsters from the each side and there's no room to maneuver.

MAP04 - 2/10
Bad design. Big square empty rooms. Bad bridge and repetative and just plain boring mechanic. You can block off elevator and stuck in the bridge pit forever if you drop there. Bad gameplay. Two cybies? Why? Exit room? What was that? Bad bad bad.

MAP05 - 2/10
Poor design (there were few things I sligthly liked though). Unplayble without godmode for me. I am bad at slaughtermaps but this was even worse than usual.

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