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Nihil Deathmatch -- OPEN FOR ALL MAPPERS

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New update on progress, nothing to show for it

Joe667 Doomguy93 Doomkid, these people are the most active with talking and taking part in things, thank you guys

I don't remember what was on the original, because the line up has changed
Here is some samples

*newest finished wad from me https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzk6uv1tsry02va/achtung.zip?dl=0

I need mappers for NIHIL, which is shown in the promo

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I've got a bunch of projects going at the moment, but once they're all done I'd like to work together on some more DM stuff :)

Everything I'm working on at the moment is like 90% done, so it shouldn't be too long!

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Thanks man! I have one final wad I will post, it will be like Fresh and Scarred
The new wad titled "The Beast Within" will feature brand new maps, and my favorite maps from my most current side wads. Featuring "Downward" from Fresh and Scarred, Shellshock from Shell Shock, Low from Torment, Stigicide from Stigicide. I have at least 4 maps ready, that will be follow ups to older wad's themes. Failed will be a map that will be in this wad, I will also put some map remakes from anyone who wants to edit them. Doomguy93's edit of Castle Underhalls will be in the wad also

So if anyone likes the idea of that, send me some edits and I will download them immediately!

It's nothing big, but the project itself falls under my Stigmata project. Which is a team that releases maps together, under Stigmata, and user's wads will be advertised together if you wish to join. Stigmata is Myself, Doomguy93, and Joe667. We all worked on things together and it was very fun! Nihil contains Joe667's Party Like It's 1996, and hopefully his new wad, while Shell shock has 2 maps created by Doomguy93, with 2 new maps of mine, with Ruthless from Torment.

Thanks for reading! Doomkid, I really want you to be in the team, I will do whatever I can do to contribute to your wads and hopefully you contribute to mine

The Beast Within will be badass I promise :D

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Well I always love to work with other DM mappers on projects like this. Me and the_miano (dg93) have already worked on a few projects together and know eachother's styles quite well. Consider me a part of future endeavors!

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