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zdaemon, models and stuff

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Is it possible for it to use models and textures? I tried adding my skulltag global autoload ini section to my zdaemon ini (which looks like it's called zdoom.ini) but didn't have any luck.

Also, is it safe to say that the bots in zdaemon are the most well-developed? They actually seem to shoot at things and run around instead of wandering around the beginning of the map. Bots are my last and only resort because due to my location, I get a 300ms ping (at best) to any multiplayer doom server.

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If by models you mean 3D models, no. If you mean custom monsters/sprites, etc. yes, with the use of Dehacked and Dehsupp. About textures, flats different than 64x64 are not supported.

Bots... I would say they are the most advanced out there but still dumb, your best bet is to go near them and they will follow you anywhere... I think no port has improving bot behaviour in their priority list:)

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