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NoTarget Dehacked Patch

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I made a dehacked patch that sort of resembles playing a map with -nomonsters on, except that the monsters appear in the map and remain dormant, and the player is able to pass through them and shoot through them. Teleport destinations are marked too. This gives the player the ability to observe the thing placement in a map before playing it for real, or to study for speedrunning. Handy for difficult maps with bullshit traps, or to test traps in first person without actually having to play the map. Doesn't work well with maps with custom monsters.


This is one of many helpful things I've been playing around with. I've been thinking about putting together a folder with this dehacked patch and other files i've made to be useful for editing or playing or other purposes. Would anyone find any use for these? Or are there any suggestions for more things?

Others I've been toying around with:

Easytest.deh and hardtest.deh - Released a few months ago. Patches designed to soften or harden gameplay for tuning skill levels or concentrating on delivering a more challenging experience for the players. Designed for map editing/testing only.

noguns.wad - Idea from GreyGhost, a wad that hides the sprites for all the HUD weapons to take ingame screenshots with, or to play without the weapons blocking your view. Cosmetic only, will not desync demos.

lowguns.wad - a wad that displays all HUD weapons 40 points lower, so they are less blocking your view. Cosmetic only, will not desync demos.

nodanim.deh - a wad that makes monsters' death animations cut immediately to the last frame, so that their slow crumbling doesn't block the view of fireballs behind it that will pass through it (pet peeve of mine when playing). Cosmetic only, will not desync demos.

liteamp.wad - a colormap replacement designed to simulate the effect of playing with light amplification visors (without having to cheat). Cosmetic only, will not desync demos.

colorgun.wad - a sprite replacement wad that gives weapon pickups a solid, bright and noticeable color, so they are not easily missed during recording FDA's or other demos.

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FYI PrBoom+, ZDoom, and Crispy Doom have a NOTARGET cheat (console command in ZDoom), though it's not quite the same as this patch - I can see situations in which one or the other would be better.

The colorguns wad sounds like a neat idea. Are the sprites changed, or do you just put the fullbright flag on with Dehacked?

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I was going to do both, the weapons' sprites would just be a silhouette of itself in the brightest shade of a color, and perhaps full brightened too.

I'll have to check if that makes maps with a lot of shotgun guys and chaingun guys too annoying.

Shotgun red
super shotgun blue
chaingun green
rocket launcher yellow
plasma gun purple
bfg9000 orange

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What do you think of these? I think it's a little nicer than solid colours. I changed some of the colours because I thought the PG and BFG should be blue and green, because of their missiles. Haven't actually tried them in game yet, some could maybe be brighter.


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