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The Floor Is Lava!

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A UAC truck carrying 1.21 literal fucktons of plutonium smashed into a rainbow factory, unleashing a horde of kittens and bunnies and pixies into the surrounding city, their tiny plutonium-irradiated footprints enchanting the ground with a spell that caused the neutrinos in the air to mutate and heat up the ground of the planet into an invisible lake of lava precisely 1 map pixel deep. The demons saw their chance amongst the chaos and invaded your house, filled it with crates and switches and weapons and ammo, turned the toaster up to its maximum setting without you noticing, and confiscated all your stationery. Now you must hunt down the demons' commanding officer, Lump Beefbroth, who has stolen your only fountain pen, and is stopping you from sending a stern letter of complaint to the chairman of the UAC for this unfortunate set of circumstances their misconduct has landed you in.

Download from /idgames (Final version)

Try and beat the par time! >:D

Name: The Floor Is Lava
Music: "Jimmy Kane" by Muse (MIDI)
Port: ZDoom (Map Format: UDMF)
Build Time: Fuck knows
Requirements: Jumping, crouching, freelook, and possibly mad skillz.

A short, very silly map, designed to be aggravating as balls. This was for Scypek2's "let's make a mad megawad" project, before whatever happened to that... happened to that. I posted it on the ZDoom forums and gained some feedback from them, as well as some from livestreamed playthroughs by Tarnsman and Alfonzo. I also took part in a very fun co-op test with Edward850 and Yholl.

Still wondering if I should add a second (slightly shorter) area after you find the current exit.



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Not too sure. I think I made most of the changes based on feedback from the ZDF before I submitted it to Scypek2's project. Not much will have changed from what you played, most likely.

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I remember watching your playthrough with Edward850. That level looks super frustrating, with a unique, fun concept. Too bad Sycpek's mad project didn't come to full fruition.

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Cute map. Definitely tough/aggravating, the toughest jumps for me was living room --> kitchen and kitchen --> dining room table. After that, wasn't too bad though.

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Now on /idgames. This final version has been altered in a few ways, so please redownload.

Changes include but are not limited to (lol my memory):
- Difficulty settings implemented.
- Alignments fixed.
- Little details added here and there.

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