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2 new monsters [demo] (LonelySoul & Arch-archvile)

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Hey! I made these 2 custom ZDoom Decorate monsters a few months ago, and I touched them up today and I think they are neat. I'm just gonna leave these here and you guys can do whatever.

As far as I know, non-ZDoom types of modding don't let you fiddle with movement or position of objects. Decorate, however, has the ability, to a mild extent, to fiddle with object motion and position and can give custom movement to monsters.

Both these demo maps are ZDoom only.

Lonely Soul
It is a sad, blue, and harmless variety of lost soul that explodes into a health bonus firework on death. Good for less busy places and quiet secrets. It is health that you kill instead of directly picking up.

It is an archvile variation with a corny name. It has an extremely high pain chance, but teleports to a random location near you after pain state. It can get stuck outside the map. It is cool though. I wanted to add blood and spikes to its sprite and add an extra teleportation animation with a rising, swirling, flame helix come up from the ground surrounding him as he disappeared, but that seems like too much work for me.

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Very cool! Though the Lonely Soul should still be dangerous in some way, even if indirectly. The new Archvile could also use a new name and maybe new graphics.

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