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Miscellaneous demos (part 3) [please post in part 4 instead]

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Some unhoarding and stuff.

8-bit Binary Addition Map 01 UV-Speed in 0:00.51. (secret exit)

BOXING.WAD Pacifist in 0:00.43.

dumb.WAD UV-Max in 0:03.06.

dumb.WAD Pacifist in 0:02.97.

dumb.WAD Nomo in 0:02.97.

Backn4th.wad UV-Max in 4:42.

Backn4th.wad UV-Speed in 0:04.83.

Backn4th.wad Pacifist in 0:06.57.

Trilogy E1M1 Pacifist in 0:08.91.

Trilogy E1M2 Pacifist in 0:50.











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On 12/26/2020 at 3:24 PM, ShadowWraith said:

Doom Zero


Map 01 UV-Max in 1:14: dz01-114.zip

I was bored and had just finished playing this through, so figured I could start on some demos for it since there doesn't seem to be any at all so far.


1 hour ago, ShadowWraith said:

Few more Doom Zero demos:


Map 02 UV-Max in 1:55: dz02-155.zip


Map 03 UV-Max in 2:37: dz03-237.zip


Map 04 UV-Max in 3:04: dz04-304.zip

It may be a good idea to hold off on recording Doom Zero demos for now, since there's still an update planned before it hits /idgames.

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At one point I was thinking of improving these, but never ended up doing so. I decided to upload them at last.

Happy... oh wow, don't check the dates on them. Happy 2021, everyone.




Angler (swtw.wad + swtw_angler.wad)

UV-Speed, also Pacifist




Recorded before the pacifist reform; telefrags the cyber at the end. (Well, I think it would also have counted before the changes... maybe?)

"True pacifist" is possible but I gave up after a few tries as it was too difficult/annoying for me. Would definitely be a moot point nowadays.


Even besides the cyber telefrag -- sorry if the demo makes you vomit.




Lilywhite Lilith (dbp11.wad)

MAP 07 UV-Speed




Not much to add beyond assorted notes in the text file.

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Map01 UV Max in 1:10.97



Map01 NM Speed in 36.20



Map02 UV Max in 1:33.06



Map03 UV Max in 1:31.17



Map04 UV Max in 1:00.83





to @EANB: I played this against my friends in a 25-min blind race between 2020 and 2021. Technically it takes me 2 years to finish it :P  Anyway, it's a pretty fun short mapset and some of the maps are pretty challenging to play without foreknowledge. I probably will run the later maps, and I did put a bit effort into these, so I hope you enjoy.

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On 12/31/2020 at 8:45 AM, Shepardus said:


It may be a good idea to hold off on recording Doom Zero demos for now, since there's still an update planned before it hits /idgames.

Ah. That sucks. ._. Thanks for the heads up.

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This Suxx NoMo Maps 12-32 dump (This time in its own zip folder)

12: 0:09.17

13: 0:01.17

14: 0:04.20

15: 0:06.06

15s: 0:02.49

16: 0:07.48

17: 0:43.23

18: 0:09.08

19: 0:02.46

20: 0:11.34

21: 0:02.49

22: 0:05.97

23: 0:13.51

24: 0:08.40

25: 0:05.89

26: 0:01.80

27: 0:09.31

28: 0:03.91

29: 0:01.69

30: 0:03.86

31: 0:06.94

31s: 0:02.40

32: 0:17.66

D2All: 2:47



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