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Miscellaneous demos (part 3) [please post in part 4 instead]

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On 1/10/2022 at 3:19 AM, Plats said:

Haste MAP02 UV-Max in 5:53


This run misses a vile kill.


Also I notice you reposted the demos in the thread; please don't do this, instead ask dew or another moderator to move your demos to the thread.

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10 hours ago, 4shockblast said:

Hey, this wad is from 1995, so it should be run in complevel 2. Please pass a complevel argument to your batch file.

Im pretty sure my 1:00 run is complevel 2, as i remembered to put that in the command line on doom explorer (the launcher i use)

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Another miscellaneous thread, another maxed out exit. Please redirect your new non-mainstream demos in part 4!

This lock is done for precautionary reasons, after the catastrophic demise of the Personal Best Demos thread. Better safe than sorry...

This is a DooM .LMP "Competition" Entry - Please forward it...



  MD03-2670.LMP - Ultra Violence

  Recorded using Doom in all forms imaginable !
  Doom2 -PlayDemo with Legacy

  Doomworld - Doom Speed Demos - "Miscellaneous demos"

  Views           190970
  Replies          2439
  Attachments  3972 (!!!)

           ... and Time   2670 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes


  Took more time than expected (7 years), not optimal. Could save a few minutes with better posting.

  The speedrunning community

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