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Miscellaneous demos (part 3) [please post in part 4 instead]

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koren said:

crumpets.wad uv-max demos

map01 in 0:02

4shockblast said:

Crumpets Map 1 UV-Max in 0:01.66.

These are NoMo, not UV Max.

MD922 said:

Epic Map 01 UV-Speed in 53.91.
In the end of the demo, I accidentally spammed space, so I moved to Map 02. Can anyone help me by editing the demo so I don't move on to map 02?

Here you are. Added a couple of seconds to the intermission screen's duration as well.


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Peyote UV-Max in 8:53.
UV-Speed in 1:36.
Nomo in 0:48.63.

Max gets only 99% kills because there's a caco in an outside area in the map that's unreachable as far as I know. I tried to hit the caco with rocket splash, but couldn't get it to work, so only way is to archvile jump to alert the caco (although falling into the outside area would not work either as it is not possible to leave as far as I could tell). Didn't want to bother with all of that. :D


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GrumpyCat said:

Can be done faster without opening the door.

How? Hope that a spider plasma projectile goes through a wall for real? (like mancubus fireballs)

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Memfis said:

How? Hope that a spider plasma projectile goes through a wall for real? (like mancubus fireballs)

Spider and player plasma can easily make splash damage through front wall.
But to detonate the barrels it must has low enough z coordinate - here is the problem.
Green triangle ground is too high =(
The reason why it worked in our runs is simple,
corridor floor is lower and spider's plasma hit the wall at lower position.
When both spider and player are on lower floor - it works 100%,
when spider is lower and player is higher but far enough - works too.
Check the test lmp.


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KA4.WAD UV-Speed/Pacifist in 0:15. Features a strafejump followed by a forwards archvile jump and an archvile jump to the exit (as mentioned in a /idgames comment). The only submission to the latest weekly competition on #doom. :P

Included is my first exit as a bonus demo (I exited in a pretty funny way). Also included my FDA for the map where I did the strafejump and was kind of confused on the progression (also features a cool infight where two demons get a cyber stuck and kill him).


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4shockblast said:

(as mentioned in a /idgames comment)

That might have been me, but I'm not sure. I do recall trying out the strafe-50 jump.

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