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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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1 hour ago, Paul977 said:

Strong demos Viper, you made the maps looks too easy ^

Thanks. They certainly were a lot harder than they looked, thanks for the good times. ^^

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25 minutes ago, rehelekretep said:

for some reason this desyncs for me; could you zip and post your .wad?

Paul updated the WAD like few days ago. Probably you need to look for the new version in the original thread.

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Sorry for some late post.


Pigeon Speedmapping Session 2 (-cl9)


Map01 UV Max in 1:45-ps0201-145.zip

Map02 UV Max in 1:18-ps0202-118.zip

Map03 UV Max in 1:57-ps0203-157.zip

Map04 UV Max in 2:38-ps0204-238.zip

Map05 UV Max in 1:53-ps0205-153.zip

Map06 UV Max in 1:45-ps0206-145.zip

Map07 UV Max in 1:10-ps0207-110.zip

Map08 UV Max in 2:38-ps0208-238.zip

Map10 UV Max in 1:59-ps0210-159.zip

Map12 UV Max in 2:35-ps0212-235.zip

Map13 UV Max in 2:30-ps0213-230.zip

Map14 UV Max in 2:36-ps0214-236.zip

Map15 UV Max in 1:39-ps0215-139.zip

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Another set of speedmapping session.


Eagle Speedmapping Session 8 (-cl9)


Map01 UV Max in 1:31-es0801-131.zip

Map02 UV Max in 1:31-es0802-131.zip

Map03 UV Max in 2:20-es0803-220.zip

Map04 UV Max in 2:36-es0804-236.zip

Map05 UV Max in 2:34-es0805-234.zip

Map06 UV Max in 4:32-es0806-432.zip

Map07 UV Max in 1:22-es0807-122.zip

Map08 UV Max in 4:34-es0808-434.zip

Map09 UV Max in 5:21-es0809-521.zip

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The Darkening Episode 1 all maps UV Max in 42:11-dkall-4211.zip (GLBoom+ v2.5.1.4, -cl2)


The Darkening Episode 1


Youtube version


Did this for the DWmegawad club event this month.


I played in a pretty conservative way and the total time can be less than 40 minutes if you want to finish it faster. For me the goal is just to finish the wad so the time is not a matter. Just a random UV Max try.


Note that the secret in map10 is inaccessible without idclip cheat.

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A handful of demos I worked on during the week for A.L.T. (the 2012-12 version);


Map 01 NM-Speed in 0:16

Map 04 NM-Speed in 0:55

Map 09 UV-Speed in 1:03

Map 11 UV-Speed in 5:07

Map 15 NM-Speed in 1:01

Map 24 UV-Max in 10:20

Map 24 NM-Speed in 1:19

Map 25 UV-Speed in 2:37

Map 26 UV-Pacifist in 1:04

Map 27 UV-Speed in 1:16

Map 28 NM-Speed in 1:49

Map 29 NM-Speed in 0:45


alt demos.zip

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I got bored for a while.

Dimensions of Time Map23 - UV Speed - 1:16


17 second improvement over the former record.
This level gets really luck-based in the mancubus room, which unfortunately you have to pass through
twice. Both times the mancubi tend to form an impassible wall and blow you to pieces. Other than that,
the level is pretty straightforward. Most of the time I saved was from wallrunning and strafe50 (the previous record used neither)


Also included is a failed run which ended in a rather amusing way.

Edited by Spie812

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11 hours ago, Ancalagon said:

Cybercontrol map13 max in 7:35


ok two things here;

the amount of time you spend on 10hp in this demo is ridiculous - i would have been crapping myself and then died to an imp!

but forgive me if im wrong but you exit with 1 monster left here; is that monster impossible to kill?

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13 hours ago, rehelekretep said:

forgive me if im wrong but you exit with 1 monster left here; is that monster impossible to kill?

That monster is a vile under the floor that's impossible to kill can be killed with splash damage if a cyber targets the monsters up there and you let them be resurrected several times.

Edited by Ancalagon

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