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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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9 minutes ago, GarrettChan said:

As dew said, in this thead, you're encouraged to bump the thread, so no worry about that. I think it's good to put demos accordingly unless there's no such thread.

So... it's best I put it in the appropriate thread, then? (A simple yes or no would be nice, please. :P).

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@Poncho I think the mods would put it in the correct thread for you, but I'm not certain. I did the same thing a couple of times before. 

I'd say just leave your post as is; Andy regularly checks the demo threads for updates. 

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The (mostly unofficial I think) rules are:

1. If there is a thread for demos for the wad or wad series or author you are recording a demo for, place it in that thread, even if the thread is old. These are listed here: link. The thread may not always be fully updated, so it might be good to check through Google search as well.

2. If there is no thread and you suspect the wad will receive adequate demo attention or you intend to make many demos afterwards, it can be appropriate to start a thread.

3. If there is no thread, and you don't think the wad will receive many more demos or you're not certain that it will, place it in one of the appropriate misc. threads (TAS or nomo exist as well). If a thread, in fact, exists, or if a bunch of demos end up being made, and there are enough for a thread, the moderators can move your demo to the appropriate thread or a new thread, so you should just keep your demo in misc until that is done instead of double posting.

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^ What he said. Usually I sort misplaced stuff when I see it or someone prods me, but since you've already reposted it, I've deleted the demo/post from this thread. I'll keep the discussion for educational reasons.

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Some maps of Good Morning Phobos. I don't know why there is no thread for this megawad.


All are run in -cl9. Map03 is not Boom compatible and I skip it at the moment.


Map01 UV Max in 1:48-gmp01-148.zip

Map02 UV Max in 4:51-gmp02-451.zip

Map04 UV Max in 6:37-gmp04-637.zip

Map05 UV Max in 5:31-gmp05-531.zip

Map06 UV Max in 7:38-gmp06-738.zip

Map07 UV Max in 7:21-gmp07-721.zip

Map08 UV Max in 9:34-gmp08-934.zip

Map09 UV Max in 9:57-gmp09-957.zip

Map10 UV Max in 9:13-gmp10-913.zip

Map11 UV Max in 7:03-gmp11-703.zip

Map12 UV Max in 5:48-gmp12-548.zip

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On 2018/1/13 at 7:36 PM, lirui1001 said:

 I don't know why there is no thread for this megawad.

Because YOU didn't make it! So do it. Having a separate thread is also usually a good way to inspire other players to record.

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The Darkening D2ALL UV-Speed in 13:30


I might push this one below 13 minutes.


I will definitely not do a Darkening 2 run, just saying.


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The Darkening D2ALL UV-Speed in 12:39


Could still save a chunk of time throughout the maps so I think sub 12 is doable.

If only map 1 wasn't so annoying...

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2 hours ago, wintertowns said:



Map01 UV-max in 12:25



There's a monster alive at the end, a HK that the vile revived. You can hear it firing as you approach the exit switch.


edit: All monsters (excluding souls) should be dead at the point of exit, including revived ones . . . in case you were aware of the monster but not that rule. 


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Hey, I did not know about revived monsters!? I indeed heard the last monster, but thought I was okay anyways... Ok, I'll redo it later. Thanks for taking the time to review it!

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But... but... from Doom Wiki "UV max is a Compet-n speedrunning category. The objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible on Ultra-Violence, killing every monster at least once, except lost souls, and with 100% secrets."


"...killing every monster at least once"?

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"at least once" implies that you may kill it two, three, four times or more if it gets revived by an AV :)

the wording is not very good

max/tyson means no enemy should be left alive when you exit

the only grey area is maps with spawners and AVs - best to just not play those maps :p

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