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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver) by Norman Scott and Tim Scott

Here are the four remaining UV Respawns:

Map04 in 1:58 r2c4r158.zip

Map05 in 1:19 r2c5r119.zip

Map07 in 2:12 r2c7r212.zip

Map08 in 1:56 r2c8r156.zip


And the last NM 100 I think I'll be doing (since Map09 looks like something for masochistic NM specialists only*)

Map10 in 1:08 r2c0s108.zip


* Actually, let's use reverse psychology and see if anyone bites. It's impossible.

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Some more that I hadn't done earlier on Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver) by Norman Scott and Tim Scott:

UV Pacifist on Map08 in 0:52 r2c8p052.zip

UV Stroller on Map01 in 0:06 r2c1s006.zip

UV Stroller on Map03 in 0:55 r2c3s055.zip (includes a fail demo) - edit: not sure what the hell I was thinking here, as I had already done a Stroller in 0:34 with the direct route. Please ignore this demo!

UV Stroller on Map04 in 1:00 r2c4s100.zip

UV Stroller on Map05 in 0:15 r2c5s015.zip (I had done a Stroller on this map before, but on a dumb, albeit more exciting route)

UV Stroller on Map07 in 1:05 r2c7l105.zip

The remaing Pacifists and Strollers look hard or aggravating.


Also: GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level) by Pavel Hodek

UV Speed on E1M9 in 0:17 gal9-017.zip

Don't get too excited: this is just the small extra level, not the famous one. Uses an impse glide.

Edited by Grazza

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Been practicing my tysoning skills.


JCM1.zip - No idgames or dsda(yet), it was linked in the beat/fill94 thread so its on the way I suppose.

E1M1 Tyson in 10:11

E1M2 Tyson in 9:58

E1M3 Tyson in 13:52

E1M4 Tyson in 11:37

E1M5 Tyson in 14:42

E1M6 Tyson in 11:26

E1M7 Tyson in 25:00

E1M8 Tyson in 22:43

E1M9 Tyson in 15:48




E2M1 Tyson in 8:25

E2M3 Tyson in 7:52

E2M5 Tyson in 12:50

E2M6 Tyson in 12:03

E2M7 Tyson in 10:26

E2M8 Tyson in 14:04

E2M9 Tyson in 12:53



E2M2 and E2M4 are not very tyson friendly, no berserk, not much ammo and a couple of barons so I decided against doing those.

Edited by elmle : Figured I might aswell upload the first wad here so you wouldnt need to dig it up in the other thread to watch these demos

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Been doing a few Fasts and Tysons on Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver) by Norman Scott and Tim Scott. Intended to record a bunch before uploading any, but I won't be in a position to record anything for the next few weeks, so I might as well upload these before I've forgotten what was going on in them.


UV Fast on Map02 in 0:54 r2c2f054.zip

UV Tyson on Map02 in 1:10 r2c2t110.zip

UV Tyson on Map05 in 3:00 r2c5t300.zip (the most interesting of these three, though also a bit frustrating when I discovered that monsters could escape into the void)

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Getting through my backlog of demos.

A little bit surprised no one did these yet.



Episode 1 UV Speed in 4:35 doode1-435.zip

Episode 2 UV Speed in 3:44 doode2-344.zip

Episode 3 UV Speed in 2:25 doode3-225.zip

Episode 4 UV Speed in 7:07 doode4-707.zip

E4M2 is kind of a pain to get through.


DooD2 (same link) D2ALL UV Speed in 26:08 dood2-2608.zip

A terrible trainwreck of a run.


Still waiting for Final DooD, or FimiF DooD, or something... @DeXiaZ

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Some more demos from last year.


UV Speed in 8:46 m2all-846.zip

UV Max in 25:44 m2all-2544.zip

Skips a couple secrets since they seem to be too small to get.

styx3 UV Speed in 25:34 styx-2534.zip

tsotsofx UV Max in 19:11 tsoall-1911.zip

Might aswell post this even though its slower.


UV Speed in 0:17d4a-17.zip

UV Max in 0:35 d4a-35.zip

There doesn't appear to be a way to kill the cyber and mastermind.


UV Speed in 0:20 d4b-20.zip

UV Max in 0:47 d4b-47.zip

mudmanor UV Max in 4:54 mudmanor-454.zip

mudtown UV Max in 4:53 mudtown-453.zip

mudville UV Max in 4:24 mudville-424.zip

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On 9/3/2017 at 3:19 AM, vdgg said:

Insertion MAP09 UV Max 6:38


Oh hey post necro!

So funny story: I had completely forgotten making this level. I played it again on Saturday (...died about fifteen times, ran out of ammo twice and couldn't remember most of the secrets or traps) and then saw this time and read the text file. I think you're right with a lot of your comments :P


I really don't remember how the stuck archvile/mancubus happened; I think maybe we decided to add a monster really late, or something, and didn't test the change. It's kinda silly. The room was definitely playtested at some point, but I think maybe we only had an archvile in there at first then decided to add the mancubus to make it harder, or something.


The Mystery Switches where you don't really know what they do and just have to run around till you see something new are silly. I think I was aiming for something more complex than just a Linear Series Of Rooms design but should've figured out a way to make it more clear what was going on. I honestly have no idea what's going on with that 'one-time switch which doesn't look like a switch' that you mention, I don't *think* it was an attempt to fix the potential bug you mentioned but I don't remember for sure.


I also noticed the inability to leave the exit area; honestly I think I just wasn't really thinking about flow issues like that, so I didn't think to make the back of the door openable 'normally'. I should definitely have been a bit more generous with ammo in there (and in the map in general too).


But c'mon, don't they have Sky Door technology where you live?! Jeez, so backward. :P

I don't think it was a really bad level, tbh, but definitely could have done with a bit of rebalancing, fixing the silly bugs and making the switches more obvious.

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