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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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All maps for Illuminatus have now been UV-Maxed. I will probably work on random categories for random maps on this, now.

Map 16 UV-Max in 15:08

Map 17 UV-Max in 10:59

Map 18 UV-Max in 5:42

Map 19 UV-Max in 9:11

Map 20 UV-Max in 10:09

Map 21 UV-Max in 4:34

Map 22 UV-Max in 9:40

Map 23 UV-Max in 11:45

Map 24 UV-Max in 11:57

Map 25 UV-Max in 18:01

Map 26 UV-Max in 9:39

Map 27 UV-Max in 7:55 (the only map I had to use -complevel 9 on)

Map 28 UV-Max in 12:32

Map 29 UV-Max in 14:55

Map 30 UV-Max in 2:08




EDIT: The above link does not contain the Map 20 .lmp. It is found two posts beneath this one. Sorry.

Edited by TheV1perK1ller : Correction.

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9 hours ago, TheV1perK1ller said:

All maps for Illuminatus have now been UV-Maxed. I will probably work on random categories for random maps on this, now.


Really impressive work, TVKiller! Though you forgot adding the MAP20 lmp to its zip.

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Aboo4 by Bob Reganess:
Map01 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:25 ab41p025.zip

Map01 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:26 ab41n026.zip

Map01 Nomonsters Speed in 0:24 ab41o024.zip


All on totally different routes (two-keys, one-key and no-keys, respectively). There's also a bonus Nightmare demo (0:30) using a different route again. There are a great many route options on this map, with little to choose between them time-wise. The nomo route is quickest in principle, and is based on opening a red-key door from the back (which is unkeyed) through the void.


Edit: I am an idiot. To open the door to get to the red key, you don't need to open that other door. It's a linedef near it that you need to cross. So the one-key route should be a couple of seconds faster than I thought (and thus better than the two-keys route). Bah. The no-keys route should still be fastest of all though.


Edited by Grazza

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And a couple for the WTF category:

SPDRCHSE.zip by an unknown mapper: Nightmare! Pacifist in 0:26 spdrnp26.zip

The Last Revenger by Oleg Puchkov: Map22 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:00 rg22n000.zip


SPDRCHSE.WAD is the long-lost wad I mentioned here:

On 8/21/2002 at 12:57 AM, Grazza said:

I once had a flatmate who seemed to like poking around in my computer while I was out. It was a Windows 3.1 machine, so I renamed the file to start Windows, and made a new file WIN.BAT. It launched DOOM2 with a pwad called Spiderchase where you started off with about 20 chaingunners firing at you, together with a sound patch that had the chaingunners shouting "Mother****er!".

I think he got the message. Doom just has so many uses.

Edited by Grazza

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Trydent by Bjorn Hermans

UV Speed in 0:34


Revisiting a map where I recorded an NM many years ago. The new shortcut here is a way to get the yellow key quickly. With enough speed you can evade the mechanism that is meant to block it off. But too much speed leaves you trapped behind it. My previous best was 0:37; this 0:34 was an almost ideal run after a large number of attempts, which makes the almighty cock-up in the final second especially aggravating.


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Earth by Roger Ritenour

Map09: Islands

Nightmare! Speed in 0:15 ear9n015.zip

Nomonsters Speed in 0:07 ear9o007.zip


The Nightmare features a megasphere grab just for the hell of it. The txt features a bit of background info about the INTERPIC, a view that has changed since this wad was released.


Edit: And here's a WIP route idea for map01 of this wad (nomo, 1:11). Not for DSDA. (No time to polish it right now.)


Edited by Grazza

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d2200ep1 by Andy Olivera, MAP03 Max (9:45), MAP04 Max (17:59), MAP05 Max (29:27)

MAP03 is the most boring one, too many barons and too few rockets.

MAP04 looks nice, has no ammo problems and is fun to play.

MAP05 is another great map, the difficulty is maybe on par with CHORD3. The ammo seems scarce after watching Peo's demo, but it's actually OK with a better route.


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