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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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NiteLife by Tom Farmer:

Map01 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:12

Map01 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:10

Map02 Nomonsters Speed in 0:08

Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:46


Map01: Luring cyber rockets to hit Romero, post player's mortem.

Map02: Impse-glide. There are monsters in the way and others that can hit the player when lining it up, so I use some deep-as-fuck strategy. :p


Edit: described the map02 demo as just "Pacifist" rather than "Pacifist/Speed" since UV Speed (even a lazy one) would of course be faster.

Edited by Grazza

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NiteLife by Tom Farmer

Map05 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:06


Just a one-second improvement, but it took an absurd number of attempts and features a few route modifications. Thanks to the revenant for following the plan to perfection.

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NiteLife by Tom Farmer

Map06 UV Pacifist in 1:37


Kind of a sketchy first exit, but I'm not sure I'll try to improve it, as it's the sort of demo that will always be messy. I really like the route idea though: archie jump to get to the exit via a packed monster closet (for which we have a switch to empty to some extent). I thought of using this route for NM, but it would have meant collecting plasma and ammo and would have been slower than the route I did use. It could certainly be used for Max, as you could slaughter the monsters in their closet by unloading the plasma gun onto them (and there would be good infighting too).

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10 hours ago, Revved said:

There's a mandator rocket jump on E1M6

It's not a mandatory jump in fact. The third internal demo in kneedeep.wad shows the puzzle being solved (plays back OK in Prboom-plus - always nice when the 1.2 emulation works, as a fair amount of work went into it!). Solving the puzzle might require Doom.exe 1.2 (-complevel 0) behaviour - I'm not sure. Warning: it is the world's worst demo otherwise, so watch at your own risk. :p


N_A played this map (with -complevel 3) and got over that gap with just a straferun. Probably there was at least a node rebuild, as that demo doesn't play back with the version of the map that was used in kneedeep.wad. But I think the geometry is identical.

Edited by Grazza

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13 hours ago, Ancalagon said:

Nuts max in 4:35

And because it's not required to kill the cybers for max in this map, this allows for some silly categories such as this stroller max in 15:03





Wait, seems to be even a stroller pacifist max then!  ;)  And yes, stroller demo is approved by kraflab's LMP analyzer output: "Stroller: true"...  ;)


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25 minutes ago, Dingir said:


Wait, seems to be even a stroller pacifist max then!  ;)


Because of the rules of stroller every stroller is a pacifist run walk.

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MINDBLOODGENESIS (v1.0) by the Doomer Boards Community

Map05 (Meteor Storm):

NM Speed in 0:02

NM Pacifist in 0:03

UV Stroller in 0:05

0:02 looks like it should be easy, but it wasn't. Not an archie jump - I couldn't get better than 0:03 using archie (as in the Pacifist). All three demos are different conceptually.

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