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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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6 minutes ago, Ancalagon said:

Dimensions map03 max in 17:56


Sorry I missed the live twitch stream. After reaching the cyber guarded exit 8+ times and failing, congratulations pulling off a world first uvmax on this beast of a map. Oh and damn those caco corpses at the end blocking your vision, as if the wall the cyber rockets isn't bad enough!

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Cybercontrol -Respawn demos

Map 01 in 0:32 - cybercon01re32.zip

Map 02 in 0:56 - cybercon02re56.zip

Map 05 in 0:42 - cybercon05re42.zip

Map 06 in 1:15 - cybercon06re115.zip

Map 08 in 2:17 - cybercon08re217.zip

Map 09 in 2:35 - cybercon09re235.zip

I couldn't actually open the exit on map 09 because of the respawns so I had to vile jump into it, and the viles were not exactly targeting me when i wanted them to.

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I am only submitting this demo because I didn't recall if slow motion was used when punching the spectres in my level (if it was, then I would have to update the title of the video and add "TAS" to let the audience know that it is a tool-assisted demo) so if someone were to have a look at it, it would definitely be appreciated. I also wanted to note that I used -complevel 17 instead of -complevel 9 because voodoos don't work in -complevel 9. 

Strawberry Caverns UV Max in 3:45:24.



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