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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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Episode 3 UV-Speed in 7:49 - dle3-749.zip

Episode 4 UV-Speed in 5:26 - dle4-526.zip

Fell and lost a bunch of time in both of the runs, I would like to improve my E2, 3, and 4 runs but it may be a while before I do that.

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Posted (edited)

Decided to stop being lazy and get back into speedrunning… before I inevitably call it quits for the next few months. Oh well, here are a couple of runs:


Sector 666, both UV-Maxes


Map07 in 2:27



Map08 in 5:33


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Posted (edited)

A whole bunch of tyson demos for Big Crappy Shit Megawad that I never posted for some reason.



Map 01 in 1:19

Map 02 in 4:38

Map 03 in 3:21

Map 04 in 3:07

Map 07 in 10:24

Map 08 in 9:20

Map 10 in 7:28

Map 11 in 4:55

Map 14 in 5:03

Map 15 in 4:27

Map 16 in 4:19

Map 19 in 5:11

Map 21 in 7:05

Map 23 in 3:41

Map 24 in 11:48

Map 25 in 11:54

Map 26 in 15:40

Map 27 in 12:25

Map 28 in 5:23

Map 29 in 8:20

Map 31 in 2:49


They are all from early august last year and I can't really remember if any of them are particularly interesting


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Posted (edited)

Dark Covenant by Keith Phipps

Map10 (Research Facility) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:04

Having just improved my old Stroller time, I thought I'd try it at full speed. This only took a handful of attempts.


Edited by Grazza

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Posted (edited)

Lunatic Map 05 UV-Max in 4:31


Was bored lol. This map is a single sequenced fight so 15 seconds is a big time save I guess.



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