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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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MAYHem 2013 - MAP11 - The Stone Spinneret UV Max(?)


I'm not sure if this run counts as a UV-Max since three arachnatrons don't teleport into the map.

I checked the "Known Bugs Section" but I didn't see anything in regards to MAP11. I also checked

Youtube for playthroughs of this map and I only found Lingen's playthrough and he also got 97% kills:



Map11 - UV Max in 16:32 - mayhem13-11_1632.zip  

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A couple of loose ends from the beat your own meatdemos month. Very similar to demos already posted - just bringing other categories in line with them.


System Vices by Bob Reganess

Map02 UV Speed in 0:15 sv02-015.zip I take a tiny detour to pick up the shotgun as the buggers wander a little more on UV. There's still time to make it back before the door closes.


TheKeep2 by Norman Scott

E1M1 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:11 thkpn011.zip

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Interesting... I didn't expect anyone to play this map and I won't do that for sure, even if it looks easy from your demo. @NaturalTvventy

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