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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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Fuck I set wrong complevel for previous demos...


Now they are fixed.


Doom 404


Map02 UV Max in 1:07-d404x02-107.zip

Map16 UV Max in 2:42-d404x16-242.zip

Map25 UV Max in 2:41-d404x25-241.zip

Map27 UV Max in 5:04-d404x27-504.zip

Map28 UV Max in 3:20-d404x28-320.zip

Map29 UV Max(?) in 2:59-d404x29-259.zip

Map30 UV Max in 1:42-d404x30-142.zip


2 cacos are stuck and cannot be killed in map29. Hope this can be accepted.

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