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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Grazza said:

Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others

Map19 (Gros Rat) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:05

Tricky double glide and easy death-slide exit, but good timing and aim needed from a baron to assist with getting a quick exit.


Cool. How about the map 2 glide? I got a 3s. Maybe you can do 2?

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Some IL speed demos for Short maps for short people 2.



MAP02 (UV-Pacifist) - 0:03.34 (0:03)
MAP03 (UV-Pacifist) - 0:19.80 (0:19)
MAP11 (UV-Pacifist) - 0:05.91 (0:05)
MAP11 (NM-Speed/Pacifist) - 0:04.54 (0:04)
MAP15s (UV-Pacifist) - 0:03.80 (0:03)
MAP17 (NM-Speed/Pacifist) - 0:03.80 (0:03)
MAP17 (UV-Pacifist) - 0:05.54 (0:05)




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Don't mind me, just posting some meme demos.


Short maps for short people 2

In Map10 you need to activate a linedef that crushes a barrel that kills Romero's head(s) and similarly in Map11 you need to telefrag a Romero's head to exit. From what I can see all runs where you need to inevitably activate a walk-over line that ends up killing Romero's head in some way to exit are considered Pacifist.

Map10 Pacifist in 0:10.89
Map11 Pacifist in 0:05.51
Map11 Pacifist no inputs in 0:06.91
Map11 NM Speed (also no inputs) in 0:04.97






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Posted (edited)

Thanks for all your demos. :) I'm going to watch them

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A couple more.

Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others

Map13 (Petite Promenade) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:04 (should be 0:03, but I got sick of the idiots stumbling into my path; I suspect it is quickest to use the right-hand route; both ways are included in the zip)


Map26 (Lit Volant) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:07


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Sacrament - sacrment.wad (not to be confused with sacramnt.wad). All done under -complevel 9.


MAP01 UV-Fast in 1:25

MAP01 NM-Speed in 0:53

MAP02 UV-Fast in 8:49

MAP02 NM-Speed in 0:55 (also reality)

MAP03 UV-Fast in 6:51

MAP06 UV-Fast in 6:45

MAP11 UV-Fast in 6:49

MAP11 Pacifist in 2:38










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1000 Line Community Project - MAP05 UV-Max in 4:39 (-complevel 2)

MAYhem 1500 - MAP29 UV-Max in 4:29 (-complevel 9)

Necropia Zone - MAP16 UV-Max in 4:02 (-complevel 9)






EDIT: The Necropia WAD download has an additional 'monsters' file within - the demo was done without it; so it should play back with just the actual WAD.

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