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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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spring cleaning, time to dump some old and one new demo. for prboom+ i've got:


Operation BIOWAR

map04 nomo 0:40


Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday!

map01 UV speed 0:58



map01 UV speed 0:39



e1m1 UV speed 0:18


and some zdoom demos:


Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid

map16 NM speed 0:07

map33 UV speed 0:22



map31 UV speed 0:43


Shadow of the Wool Ball

e1m1 HMP speed 0:28

e1m1 HMP max 0:44

e1m2 HMP speed 0:44

NOTE: this wad does not support skill levels above 2 (HMP). in fact, trying to set a higher level in the console results in the skill level being set back to 2.


DooM Vacation

map02 UV speed 3:19















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BLACKTWR (Master Levels for Doom II)
MAP25 UV Fast in 15:37.80 (no previous record)

Demo: blacktwr-f1537.zip


This would have been a great map, if it weren't so broken. There's a monster-path-finding-bug in this map that prevents the cacodemons on the 2nd floor from leaving their windows. 80% of the runs end because there's some cacodemons left alive behind a wall that you cannot even see.

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Entropy HNTR-Max in 18:43

I was impressed with the map and Killer5's run, so I spared a few hours to breeze through the gutted version. No AVs to enable early BFG on HNTR, so I went with a more straightforward route to minimize backtracking.

Last hour of recording session


Edited by tchkb

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TEETH (Master Levels for Doom II)
MAP31 UV Fast in 7:32.69 (no previous record)

Demo: teeth31-f732.zip

Ah, The Express Elevator To Hell! Quite a brutal and claustrophobic map. Almost all the fights are in close-quarters, and as you go up to the higher floors, things get even more intensive - I have to say I do enjoy this map. Since the current UV Max record stands at 9m34, I'm pretty satisfied with the current time.

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