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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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City of Doom by Paul Maurone UV Run in 36:16



MAP01 - 1:53.71 ( 1:53)  K:  32/65   I:  0/18   S: 1/3  
MAP02 - 1:51.11 ( 3:44)  K:  19/142  I:  0/39   S: 0/17 
MAP03 - 2:33.80 ( 6:17)  K:  38/96   I:  2/51   S: 2/9  
MAP04 - 1:06.26 ( 7:23)  K:   9/90   I:  0/31   S: 1/6  
MAP05 - 4:28.80 (11:51)  K:  94/132  I: 15/27   S: 2/3  
MAP06 - 4:59.14 (16:50)  K:  85/138  I: 18/77   S: 3/7  
MAP07 - 3:17.69 (20:07)  K:  65/123  I:  9/58   S: 2/9  
MAP08 - 4:15.11 (24:22)  K: 121/218  I: 22/106  S: 1/4  
MAP09 - 2:50.49 (27:12)  K:  45/152  I:  1/27   S: 1/10 
MAP10 - 3:17.23 (30:29)  K:  65/131  I:  0/22   S: 4/8  
MAP11 - 5:47.40 (36:16)  K:  89/172  I:  7/91   S: 3/10 




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On 3/9/2020 at 7:58 PM, Revved said:


UV Max in 32:27



from the TXT file:

I blame Never_Again for uploading this WAD to the idgames archive and forcing me to play through it.



Haha, it was a joke, I swear -- the gun was unloaded!


I can see how one wouldn't want to go back to it, though. Started FDAing it and gave up less than halfway through, myself. Still, I'm surprised you didn't like the WAD at all. There are some interesting ideas there, e.g. E1M3 is a pretty neat puzzly level. I suppose this is one of those WADs that can be a pain in the ass to record on but kind of fun to watch.


Well, at least you got back at me with the demo itself. Watched dozens of yours over the years, some of them (esp. for Armadosia) over and over; and this one was the first one I could not sit through to the end.

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On 6/12/2020 at 6:13 PM, vdgg said:

4 Seasons of Doom


I hope the rest will be done. I'm not playing this shit myself, but it's so cool.

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E1M4b UV Fast in 4:20.20 (no previous record)

Demo: e1m4bf420.zip


With fast monsters, this map becomes a much more interesting challenge! Surviving and managing health and armor pickups is hard. The map design itself it pretty interesting and fun to play overall. The most difficult part of the run is definitely at the computer room, when the walls lower and lots of imps and hit-scanners appear. The fastest way is also the least safe: ignore them and run towards button 3. I believe that going below 4m should be possible with more route optimizations.

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Map 01 NM Speed in 00:04.31

Map 02 NM Speed in 00:30.37

Map 03 UV Speed in 00:06.03

Map 04 NM Speed in 00:05.91

Map 05 NM Speed in 00:14.40

Map 06 NM Speed in 00:04.23

Map 09 UV Speed in 00:08.80

Map 26 NM Speed in 00:06.20

Map 28 UV Pacifist in 00:01.80

Map 30 NM Speed in 00:12.23











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Posted (edited)

The Alfonzone v1.04 Episode 3 UV-Max in 40:14, ZDoom v2.8.1

Didn't stream this (and won't the rest of Alfonzone either) because some maps have a few heavily lagging spots on my PC even just by themselves and I couldn't afford to make it even worse with recording software. I could attach my full demo dump if someone wants to see all the silly ways I died while grinding this.


Edited by tchkb

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Posted (edited)

The Alfonzone v1.04 Episode 4 UV-Max in 45:11, ZDoom v2.8.1

Could've gone 1 to 2 minutes faster with less platforming screwups, more movement practice / less pauses and not screwing up on the last map by forgetting an important ammo stash, but tbh I just want to be done with this WAD for now.

Also edited the ep3 submission in the previous post - there was a minor error in the textfile.


EDIT also throwing the IL demopack for maps 01-20. Nothing particularly optimized, I recorded those mostly to learn the maps for episode runs. I'll probably return to this WAD sometime around 2021 to finish the remaining 30 maps and 6 episodes.

Alfonzone v1.04 map01-20 tchkb.zip

EDIT2: AFAIK one of map19 secrets is unreachable (random faraway decorative building with one medkit), hence one secret skipped.

Edited by tchkb

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