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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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5 hours ago, elmle said:


Map 03

UV-Speed 0:35 - ad_demo3-35.zip

By the way, you can skip the blue key, as there is room around the outside of the bars that it lowers.

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@Grazza Yes, but the exit is blocked by a switch that is right next to the blue key so you might aswell grab it.

Getting around the bars with all the enemies shooting at you also seems like a massive pain.


Cygnus IV

Map 08 NM-Speed in 0:06.69


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Somewhere in Time

D2ALL UV-Max in 23:50 - sitall-2350.zip

My second 'movie' demo. Might do more down the track.

EDIT: Forgot to add in textfile that MAP03 contains three unkillable enemies. Also, single and cumulative map times are included.

Edited by TheV1perK1ller : Updated textfile.

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Final Fantasy Doom (version 2)

NM-Speeds of each Episode 1 map:


E1M1 in 0:11
E1M2 in 0:15

E1M3 in 0:24

E1M4 in 0:36 (secret exit? it makes sense if it leads to E1M9 but it's a normal exit; marked as "-ALT")

E1M4 in 0:48

E1M5 in 0:32

E1M6 in 0:16

E1M7 in 1:00 (the only run here that isn't also pacifist :P)

E1M8 in 0:33

E1M9 in 0:04



I might do the other episodes, I dunno.

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Map01 UV Tyson in 2:30



I frigging hate myself for forgetting this damn Red Keycard again!! It's very rare that the infight outcome is so good, and this map basically requires you to have very good infighting outcome.


There was once that the HK, Rev and Caco are all died to infighting, but I didn't catch that best chance to cash that run in.

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