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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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1 Monster

Map02 UV Max in 2:56.49



Probably the dumbest map I've ever run... My problem is not that there are only 200 Imps in the map and basically you're shotgunning down everything during the run. My problem is there are a few blocklines to prevent monsters from completely grouping up. Why though!??

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Demon Eclipse: Doorway to Abaddon (Episode 1) UV-Max demos (5 maps), GZDoom v1.8.2

Played in old GZDoom version because that's what I played it on back when it was released and I'm too lazy to check whether nothing breaks in this mapset in the newer versions.

Links to Youtube videos in textfiles. I'll upload the remaining 4 demos (and videos) on Tuesday.






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Wicked_1 UV Speed in :40.


Great non-linear layout, Rex Claussen's trademark. But when you know where the yellow key and the exit are, you can finish it quickly.
I don't think UV Max would be entertaining as the action is slow.


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