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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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E1M1 - "Contagion" UV Fast in 1:36.37 (1:36)

E4M1 - "Inhuman Remains" UV Fast in 1:14.37 (1:14)





Been wanting to do Deathless for awhile since a friend recommended I play it recently as he played it on the Switch version not long ago.  Mostly through it and decided it would be great to do some runs!  I saw that there were not many if any UV -fast runs on the table for figured why not take things up a notch and be a pioneer?  These runs are fast and fun, and the -fast flag can make things tricky in unique ways.  I highly recommend anybody who has not play Deathless should do so, Jimmy knocked it out of the park in my opinion and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Also the shotgunners rising from the grave on E4M1 is a great touch.

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E1M2 UV Fast in 2:37.34 (2:37)



This is a nice little map but it is mean with the hitscanners.  It took some practice, and I figured the best strategy was to go for the chaingun and take advantage of infighting in the large room before the exit.  The chaingun helps supplement the shotgun's firepower immensely, and you can get the berserk to top up and take on the pinkies if you are brave.  I tried going for the armor earlier on but it seems much slower as you will be low on shotgun ammo and not have the chaingun to help clear that section.  I tried to shave off some more time but 2:37 seems the best I can get for now.  Proud of another UV Fast run!


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I looked around and not sure if this goes here, but I think my Glaive Map 4 run might actually be invalid due to comp level being set.  I used complevel 9 as at the time I generally equated complevel 9 and boom with "limit removing" but have learned since then that is not always the case for a given wad even if it is newer.  I have tested Glaive 2 in Crispy Doom and it seems to work fine, and I imagine Glaive 1 works as well.  Just want to make sure I am not crazy here as I would like to do more runs and demos for those mapsets and want to make sure I am not producing improper comp level demos of them by simple ignorance.  I have read the guides again and I think I have this all figured out going forward.  If this isn't a big deal then I apologize for wasting anyone's time I am just making sure what I have been submitting is accurate and valid.  Thank you!

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Glaive Map 4 UV Max 2:10




I decided I would revisit this level after figuring I may have had an improper complevel with PrBoom the last time, and I knew I could do better on the time anyway on a more valid run with Crispy Doom.  I managed to smash it down to 2:10 and I am pretty sure sub 2m is easily possible as I noticed a few jitters that could have cost me some time, and a better "route" through this short map could optimize easily.  I tried to get sub 2 minutes but despite quite a few tries I noticed I was getting sloppy and dying alot so decided to leave it at my 2:10 time for now and come back fresh.  I love these Glaive and Glaive 2 maps!

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1 hour ago, vdgg said:

[...] I don't know why tchkb pointed that very WAD. Is it because one of the authors is also responsible for MAP12 from BTSX (much, much later...) [...]

It's a nice piece of trivia, but that's not the reason. I saw this WAD mentioned in Not Jabba's "Roots: The evolution of Doom level design" article as one of the notable early Plutonia-influenced releases and had it on my list of stuff to max since it lacked a good max demo. Thought that since you already had experience with this map, you could produce something of decent quality yourself.

Your movement clearly suffers from being keyboard-only, especially in the more cramped sections, but you still managed to beat my makeshift demonstration with a much better route, so job well done. I could revisit it and beat your demo in the future, but I have more important runs to get (when I have time...)

If you want to tackle something similar, I'd suggest DemoniZed MAP01 (02 already has a decent demo by Veinen). I watched Yonatan Donner's UV-Max TAS (which misses one random Imp btw) and it seems to be a decent starting point, though with a few possible improvements such as more aggressive ending and maybe also running past some of the fatter stuff and backtracking from the ending with some rockets and/or BFG to clean them up faster (would need testing if it's worth it).

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MAYhem 2020: Something Something Hindsight (mayhem20.wad)

UV-Max Demo Pack No. 1 - mayhem20_tvpk_uvmax_demopack1.zip

MAP01 in 2:01.29

MAP02 in 1:12.31

MAP03 in 1:22.83

MAP04 in 1:26.97

MAP05 in 3:12.86

MAP06 in 2:41.06

MAP07 in 2:12.69

MAP08 in 4:18.26

MAP09 in 6:13.06

MAP10 in 4:30.20

MAP11 in 3:38.46

MAP12 in 2:31.66

MAP13 in 1:57.51

MAP14 in 6:30.83

MAP15 in 4:10.37

MAP16 in 3:32.34

MAP17 in 3:33.89

MAP19 in 7:52.60

MAP23 in 3:19.86

MAP25 in 2:19.26

MAP27 in 1:40.23

MAP30 in 2:33.06

MAP31 in 5:34.06

MAP32 in 2:21.20

The remainder of the later maps will be done in the second demo pack, when I can get around to it.

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Excellent work @TheV1perK1ller. I watched the map31 demo first. Amazing run. It took me several hours to achieve an extremely slow uvmax on this map and that involved exploiting the inner fight by exiting through hole in the fence and teleporting back to the outside. Well done on fighting it out the intended way (and quick, one way or another). I look forward to watching the others demos soon.




I've watched all the demos now. Amazing stuff.


map25: I was not aware of the non official secret bfg via archvile jump onto the south side of the toxic waste. I'm having trouble with the lineskip at the start to avoid the lowering the catwalk, so you can make use of the invulnerability later. Any tips on its execution? I only know how to get the invulnerability right from the start by running straight at it and bumping it but it isn't all that useful on the initial wave of enemies.

Edited by tmorrow

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@tmorrow I think there's no way to avoid making the catwalk lower at the beginning. You can make it rise again by crossing a specific linedef in the hallway opposite the soulsphere and insta-teleporter (in the building where the Imps are. It is a bit ambiguous as there's no indication on where said linedef is).

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Ah, is that it! Since you turned as you fell off it at the beginning, I didn't see and it was magically up again when you went to collect it. Silly me! Thanks.

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Deathless E2M1 UV Fast 2:40.03




Short but painful, and -fast imps in tight spaces can be a nightmare.  As of yet I am not sure if going left for the shotty and dodging the pinkies first, or going for the red key room and trying to get a shotty off of a shotgunner, or infighting the caco with the imps first was the best strategy for this, as of yet I am not sure.  The red key room is tricky with the shotgunners overwatching the entrance and it's best to have some health to blitz passed them.  Cool level and very colorful but more challenging than E1M1 or E4M1, but is it harder then E3M1? I can't say for sure having practiced both of them.  More tight spaces is the difficulty on this map, and length is the difficulty on E3M1 which I hope to complete and try to get a decent time for.  I practiced this awhile and rarely completed this map most likely as a player skill.  This is the best time I was able to get for UV -Fast for now.

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