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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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19 minutes ago, Grain of Salt said:


What if the cyber blasts you forward

maybe, never had it happen in my attempts tho

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CzechBox Map 8 Nomo -1:45


Port: Woof 4.0.1




Description: Been practicing this map again especially as a nomo to get a feel for the map for another UV Max run to beat my own time previously.  I know I had issues before of getting turned around so these runs help, just figured I would run trying to perfect my movement the best I could until I got tired of it.  Music is still awesome and nomo makes the map feel like a sort of obstacle course it's fun.

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11 minutes ago, Chris Hansen said:

Cool demo! Nice to see that a 17 year old level still garners a bit of interest :) I've converted it to a video, mind if I upload it to YouTube? I'll make sure to credit you of course.

No problem with uploading, there's also a mini review I left a month ago here.

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