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Art Inspired by the Doom Bible

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Awhile ago, I wanted to draw up some concepts inspired by the Doom Bible if I ever got to program a WAD of my own. I've got some rough sketches that I have yet to be fully colored, but I'm proud of the composition.

The first is in the style of a game box cover, and features all the main characters who were originally to be in Doom, and some alternate versions of familiar demons. My ideal Doom Bible Wad is subtitled "The Hellish Moons,"

Two others are my artistic interpretations of the Techno Demon and the Demon General. The first is pretty much the Baphomet is Cyberdemon form, and the other is like a humanoid giant version of the Pinky.

It'll look much better when it's colored.

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Post your pics at the 'Creative Works' forum, not here.

And why is everybody skinny? They all look like a bunch of models on a magazine. It makes sence for the marines as only people in shape are accepted to be marines, but why are the demons having the same body like the marines?

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Sorry, I didn't know. I'll amend that the next time.

And to answer your question, not everyone is skinny. The crazy haired mustached man with the chainsaw has a paunch belly. The sketches will look better realized when they're finished.

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Seemed more like an honest suggestion to me.

And the rough sketches, yeah. Seems kind of odd to call it "Hellish Moons" when early Doom already had the (imo much cooler) subtitle "Evil Unleashed", but whatever you're going for, aight.

Cleaved chest armor on women is a bad idea though, as any significant blow to that area could conceivably crack the sternum. Necks are sort of giraffy, and well, it kind of looks like everyone's in a speedo.

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Here's the finished product. Some color choices I'm not pleased with, but at least the picture looks clearer now.

The characters below are taken straight from the Doom Bible, from left to right. I wanted to give them different color variations of the Doom Marine's armor, and suggest what kinds of weapons they like to use.

Buddy Dacote: the guy that dies
Age: 29 Weight: 202 Height: 6’2”
Physical Description: Very fit and powerful, Buddy always wears a hat that says “BEOS” which stands for “Butt End of Space.” Caucasian with brown/Blond hair and green eyes.

[I gave him the Doom Marine's green armor, with a skull symbol and the slogan "Born to Joke" on the armor. He gets the rocket launcher)

Thi Barrett
Age: 22 Weight: 130 Height: 5’6”
Physical Description: Red-haired and trim, Thi (Pronounced “Tee”) has piercing blue eyes, and is stout but gorgeous. A toss of hair tends to fall over her forehead. She holds a bewitching dimpled smile in reserve until it proves useful.

[I gave dual pistols and a shotgun strapped to her back]

Dimitri Paramo
Age: 37 Weight: 191 Height: 5’11”
Physical Description: Bulky, slightly overweight greek-spaniard with swarthy but unkempt looks. Frizzly dark brown hair explodes and falls off his head.

[I thought that him being a weird character, he deserved the chainsaw as his weapon of choice)

Lorelei Chen
Age: 27 Weight: 151 Height: 5’10”
Physical Description: Muscular, tall woman, attractive, but has strangely too-intense eyes. Oriental featured in the brown eyes and black hair, which is drawn back into a large knot. Scar on left shoulder from rock-climbing accident.

[I gave her a heavy duty long rifle]

John “Petro” Pietrovich
Age: 34 Weight: 190 Height: 5’9”
Physical Description: Black balding man with thick eyebrows. Missing last joint of right ring finger. Brown eyes.

[Rest assured, he does have a balding spot behind that hair. I gave him the Plasma Cannon]

I tried to do the drawings fit the character descriptions as I could. Dimitri and Buddy are my favorites.

As for the demons, the two dark red guys with the minigun arms are the Bruiser Brothers, the Blue Ox cyberdemon is the not so cool rendition of the Technodemon, the winged demon is the imp, the pale Doom guy with the shotgun is a Former Human, and the big lavender monster behind is the Demon General. The gigantic green hand on the moon behind with the reptilian is an ancient demon being awakened in space.

I didn't know that Doom's original subtitle was Evil Unleashed. That does sound better. I was trying to go for a subtitle that made me think of games like Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (because the Doom Bible kind of was going for the type of games Looking Glass was making). They are not wearing speedos, but Doom Marine armor. They just didn't look as clear in the sketch as they are here.

It was all colored by hand, though I didn't have the best colors nearby. I may want to recolor it again (fortunately I scanned the original). The reason I drew this was because I wanted to visualize what the characters would look like, and what weapons they would use.

Looking at the Doom Bible again, the kind of experience Tom Hall was going for sounds like an episodic, fast-paced blend of System Shock, Half-Life, Rise of the Triad, and Duke Nukem. What effort it would take to develop on current Doom ports.

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