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Dr. Bogs Binny

Improved Fan art (W.I.P)

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I recently looked at my previous fan art and realized how bad it looked to me, so I decided it was best to start over and come up with a better design. I also want to acknowledge, and thank to those who offered constructive criticism. As a result, I give you a link to the current progress of my New fan art.

(current Progress as of 9/29/14)

( current progress)

(a very simple sketch)

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Ah hey this is several lightyears better than the last thing.

I really like the lost soul's rather cartoonish and wild look. He looks ready for a night on Bald Mountain.
The Baron's face has got a rather Predator-esq thing going on there, which is pretty eerie with the hollow eyes.
Fire is superb and all around things are placed in much more interesting and logical ways.

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