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Can't figure out where to go in this wad

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GreyGhost said:

As the old saying goes "what you can't cross, you go around".

<that's a hint>

Did it have anything to do with lowering a bookcase via a switch? I skipped to the third map and found a lot of things like that, along with lowering remote lifts which you really needed to run to quickly to get onto.

When I get stuck, what's the quickest way of finding what effect a switch has in an editor?
Maybe I should change my automap style to default? IIRC You could see lifts lowering and raising on the classic style map, and this is what I'm using (me facing what looks like the only entry point to get to the other side of the bridge):


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invictius said:

Did it have anything to do with lowering a bookcase via a switch?

There's a switch you have to shoot in order to open a door at the other end of the bridge, apart from that it's just a matter of taking a good look at your surroundings. Have you noticed that candle halfway up the wall?

I haven't tried that automap style, looks nice. Unfortunately, the only way through that wall you're facing is to IDCLIP.

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