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EVENT: Freedoom SpeedRun

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I watch some tool assisted speed run of sonic doom and other games so i was thinking, why not a freedoom speedrun for next stable version?

if possible to begin it,I, fraggle, cato and nub hat can lead this.

i'll back later but i'll bring some rules to be discussed soon give me some tips if us want.

// For historic (or what ever) i'll keep the original thead there until we need.

PURPOSE: Have fun and challenge your buddies in a friendly competition and make freedoom more popular.

RULES: I have thinked in some rules like:

TAS Speedrun : Ports: ONLY PRBOOM (i'm still open for a discussion about the port)
All speed runs that use the ability of slow down.

Pefect TAS Speedrun: Same ports and same objectives from normal TAS the diference is, the map need to be done whit all 100%

Human Speedrun : Ports : PRBoom and Odamex (no jump is allowed in odamex, so if you jump i'll have to reject your speedrun to the cheated section)
Run run and very fast run, and please do not cheat (iddqd, jumps and slow down on this) this speed run section is only for legit players.

Perfect Human Speedrun : same from above (^ ?) but make it in 100% all

Cheat speedrun : Ports : Odamex Only.
no perfection and sure tricks use jump to beat map more fast than you can, no others cheats allowed.

Looking for much discussion.

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I would actually like to see the results. I don't think I've ever managed to get through all of the levels without using idclev.

edit: I hate to sound like a turd, but it's true. The freedoom mission would be so much simpler if we could use a megawad like Going Down for Freedoom Phase 2 (assuming that the creator would want the publicity, but it has that mythical "fun" element that a lot of map wads lack, and it uses the basic textures for the most part), add 2 episode replacements for Phase 1 (eps 1 and 4 are decent enough), have raymoohawk replace the rest of the sprites, and then touch up whatever textures, sounds, and sprites that aren't quite "complete" yet. As much hate as it gets, it probably wouldn't hurt to have some of the weapons look like the ones in Brutal Doom.

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well a lot or the levels on freedoom are very good


okay i played some more going down, and totally repent of not agreeing with frith, maybe we could take the best maps of phase one and two and put them in phase one, and then try to convince mouldy to donate going down, any chance of this happening? i can volunteer to beg mouldy :-)

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