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Dwango's 20th Anniversary! (DWANGO20.wad)

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Well Doomers, it's coming. The 20th anniversary of the first service that allowed Doomers to frag the hell out of eachother, globally. I'm talking of course about DWANGO! If you love to frag your buddies (or some demons) over the net, just remember, this is where it all started.

When Bob Huntley and Kee Kimbrell pitched the DWANGO idea to id Software, John Carmack and the others were largely uninterested, but the duo found support in John Romero, the godfather of deathmatching!

Remember, this was a time before the internet had really caught on. Doomers had to dial long distance to Houston, TX - Despite this, DWANGO was wildly popular, and the creators reaped a well deserved profit from the subscription fees. By early 1995, over nine thousand subscribers were paying $8.95 a month, some calling from as far as Italy and Australia! It warms my heart to know Aussies have been fragging since the olden days.

The official anniversary date is December 11th, 2014 - I know I'm early, but hell, why not get our celebratory frags in now! To honor the event, I've compiled some of the best DM maps from 1994-1998, which was Dwango's full lifespan.


The main difference between this and the classic DWANGO wads is that every author is actually going to recieve credit ;)

Denis Moeller- Map02 (Point Blank 4)

The Prophet- Map03, Map10, Map15, Map21 (PROPHET Series)

Patrick Hook- Map04, Map05, Map25 (HOOKED.wad)

Timer- Map06 (RAT in a CAGE), Map18 (The Pillars)

Emilio Galasso- Map07 (DAMNATION ALLEY II)

The Giggler- Map08 (Giggler3), Map12 (Thrill Me), Map17 (Giggler5)

Michael Daniels- Map09, Map24, Map28 (PudWhacker!)

Tony Hafner- Map11 (Spotlite), Map26 (Ankle Bite)

Alissa Colby- Map13 (GSXR_13)

Cory Malain- Map14 (QUAD KILL)

Shaft- Map16 (Brutal Deathmatch)

Chris Donges- Map19 (Harmony)

Dan Silver- Map20 (Clover Leaf)

PiGMaN- Map22 (WTF-PIGMAN01)

Brent Marvich & Ted Peterson- Map23 (MerDoom II)

Blue- Map27 (The Iron Cross)

Virgil Itliong- Map29 (Church Of Doom II)

Warren Marshall- Map30 (Death By Cyberdemon)

Thrasher & Whiplash- Map31 (Football Stadium)

TraversD- Map32 (Afterlife)
Additional credit to AwesomePanda and other anonymous contributors for MIDI files. The sky textures are from Heretic, Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch, and edited Alpha Doom resources. Map01 was originally created by myself for dk_dm_2, but this version is improved.

Considering the age of these maps, I am highly impressed by their design and appearance. I think they make a wonderful addition to the DWANGO family, they make for some damn fine fraggin' turf.

Enough of this talking, LET'S PLAY ALREADY!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gdymu7g6htfyg23/Dwango20.zip
Mirror: http://www.theultimatedoom.com/download/DWANGO20.zip
Mirror #2: http://grandpachuck.org/files/wads/DWANGO20.WAD

(This may go without saying, but this WAD is 100% vanilla compatible!)

I hope to see you all online, there are a few dwango20 servers up already.

Happy 20th anniversary!

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Mega-Dog has started hosting a DWANGO20 server on Zdaemon:

zds:// [USA]

Dr. Sean and Mr. Crispy are hosting a server on Odamex too: [USA, West Coast]

Let's get our frag on, people!

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Ah good ol' DWANGO. These maps are looking really good DK and I had a lot of fun playtesting them with you and Mr. Crispy :)

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Me too, it took ages sifting through hundreds of 1994 rubbish DM maps to get this put together, but it's worth it for the frags! These guys were damn talented mappers for their time.

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I'm late but stoked that someone still had my wads many years after I made them. 

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