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Walter confetti

a map for 20th doom 2 annyversary

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How do you actually beat this?

And why is it called "MMURIKA!"?

Anyways, it's kind of MAP01 but smaller, more detailed, and with fewer monsters. Kind of dull to play, really. I spent most of the time just running around the map trying to figure out how to open the doors, but to no avail.

Could be really fun for deathmatch, though.

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Jaxxoon R said:

why is it called "MMURIKA!"?

Could be really fun for deathmatch, though.

Why "mmurika!"? I don't know, is just a weird title i had in mind for this level... and mostly that song from "team america":http://youtu.be/nfK9UPEQavo

And i was thinking to convert this map into a dm arena or taking a much more serious approach turning this into a actual McGee map style, i just check out the levels he did on the wiki, then studying them and making maps more influenced on his way of mapping, however, i'll think that i'll do them always in a speed mapped way, and also i'll made more maps for this thing.

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Ripoffs. Even though there's already too many of those, it's simply tempting for the mappers to make them if no other ideas come. I know this. :/

Pretty basic-structured and really easy map, but not a bad one. There are many badly aligned TEKGRENs and I'm also not sure about those unobvious and mandatory walkover pedestals. Exactly these + similar things appear in many of your maps, walter, and maybe you could try to avoid them and rather try to be inventive in a more player-friendly way. Again, here it wasn't bad, it eventually stroke me what to do with the pedestals etc. So, a good attempt at a "remake".

And I haven't really recognized McGee in the map, it would need more "pointless structural detail" like gaps / lamps in walls, perhaps more light contrast (but no cramped dark corridors, please!), and such. ;)

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Yeah, about the map progression, if you look at in a vacuum it really is rather weak/vague. I reckon the only reason I didn't struggle much with it is that the map as a whole is such a clear tribute to 'Entryway', which I reckon most players know by heart at this point.

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