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What a Doom movie should look like [Video]

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This was a project I wanted to put together for some time now, went over it in my mind several times thinking about what I wanted to include and how to edit it. I'm sure most of us would agree that the 2005 doom movie was terrible, this video is what I would like the next Doom movie to look and feel like.

Starting off with weapons, to me a Doom movie should be chock full of cool weapons, not just a BFG and a machine gun. Wanted to emphasize the shotgun in particular, since it's everyone's favorite bread and butter weapon. There is also a chainsaw later on in the vid.

The enemies I wanted to reference in the clip are Imps, a Cacodemon, Former Human Zombies, a Pinky Demon, a Baron and an Arch-Vile. Hopefully you can see what I meant you to see! The Imps and Arch-vile in this video are more batlike than insectoid, to reflect more of a hellspawn design instead of aliens.

The first Doom movie should've been made in the 90's, where it would be fresh in the public's imagination and it could've been an over the top action horror comedy. As well, undoubtedly the next Doom movie will feature tons of CGI, whereas if it were the 90's it would most likely utilize more practical effects like puppets and animatronics. It's wishful thinking but I'd love to see some stop motion animation for the monsters, I think that would be a great fit.

Other things that I reference in this video are a secret passageway, the wall of faces texture, a fall into hell and a defiled cathedral. If they put a little imagination into it, the next Doom movie could be a great one. Design wise I'd rather see something derivative and appropriate than something original that doesn't fit.

This was a lot of fun to put together, hope you enjoy it!

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I like the video, it's very rough cut but it does kind of spark my imagination for what a proper Doom film could be like.

I almost wonder how a community movie project would be. It could have a mixture of the Doom Bible, Doom 3, PSX Doom, etc. Perhaps it could be an expanded version of the events of E1. It could be produced by Doomworld members from around the world filming themselves in well-lit chromakey areas and this could be edited together with pre-rendered CGI for environments and monsters.

As for a possible storyline:

Buddy Dacote (looks and sounds like normal Doomguy) is stationed on Earth in the middle east, and is told by his superior officer to fire upon civilians but fires upon his superior instead. He is sent to Mars base and demoted. (Doom 1 manual, novel) Buddy's new superior is Sarge, and he also gets to overhear some of the corporate board guys trying to bust the Mars division of the UAC. (Doom 3) Cut to 2 years later, where we learn that he befriended the original cast of Doom (characters later adapted in ROTT), and the five of them like to play cards together in the rec room. (Doom Bible)

Show the UAC teleportation experiments, have scientists talk to each other about how unstable the test subjects are after returning from the portal - high energy and then spontaneous explosion. One of them goes berserk until security manages to hold him down. They capture him and he starts babbling while restrained in medbay about how "Doom" is coming. (Doom 1 manual, Doom 3) Show the demons pouring into the moon bases, alarms, hands reaching for alarms getting cut off, etc. (Doom Bible) Mars receives an emergency signal from the bases on both Phobos and Deimos - and Deimos has vanished entirely in the blink of an eye. All combat units on Mars are collected for a briefing to go to Phobos to learn what happened and find survivors. (Doom 1 manual)

On Phobos, Dacote is sent to scout ahead while the remaining party of four are told to wait behind. Scenes of men getting slaughtered, told to abort the mission, and all sorts of horrors (should sound like Ultimate Doom radio ad). Buddy is even implied to have been abducted during the chaos (his "BEOS" hat is shown on the lab ground). Then, silence, suspense. The party discuss what to do, as they've lost contact with Mars HQ. After some bickering, it's decided the only appropriate action is to enter. Maybe have a marine with green spiked up hair that later becomes a zombie that the party are aghast in horror when seeing them because they knew the guy (he's established in an earlier scene).

It has the party exploring the base and trying to work their way to the anomaly after being told by one of the scientists to go there. Eventually, they get to the other side of the anomaly only to find Dacote, who gets split in half between the two barons. They kill the barons and climb to the edge of the hellish canyon only to discover that they're on the lost Deimos moon base.

The other two films could be adaptations of E2 and E3.

Maybe use PSX music when appropriate, try to have a similar sound to a lot of the metal albums that the Doom soundtrack was based on for the metal stuff in action scenes.

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Song was delightfully dreamlike and eerie up until the Seinfeld Base, but cool video all around. What movie is the bit with the 'Cacodemon' from?

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Thats an interesting take on the original Doom plot. I like how you used mostly ideas that ID themselves came up with.

@Jaxxoon R

Haha! As much as I like Seinfeld, I was going for more of an E1M2 bass pluck. I think several Doom songs have that bass sound.
The Cacodemon is from this movie


Looking back at it, I wish I could've found a fiercer looking Cacodemon.

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