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You have one chance to get a modern FPS gamer into doom. Which wad do you show them?

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Voltcom9 said:

I'd let them try some Terrywads, just kidding. Honestly I'd probably introduce them to Brutal Doom, as it is the closest thing to CoD or Battlefield that exists in the Doom community. It'd be easier for new school FPS gamers to get into the Doom that way.

I thought this, and it was true for some friends of mine (Alex and Clarence).. But my friend Jack said he thought Brutal Doom was a "total joke" when scoping. I then showed him splitscreen Doom Legacy with Momento Mori, and we played for like 6 hours straight, pretty much vanilla style, and he really enjoyed it.. Good times.

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Linguica said:

Doom Episode 1, if they don't like that then screw them they're hopeless

Exactly :) Nah, I'd set up a LAN coop session on something tough, but interesting. If they like it, kick ass. If not, we obviously have nothing in common, and never will. Take your shit and go home. Don't come back. Give me $5 for my trouble.

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