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Uptight Deathmatch Beta

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It's been a while since I've posted something here, hello.

Anyway a small team of mappers including myself have been working on this deathmatch wad early this year as well as late last year. Currently production has died down but what we've already completed is quite acceptable. The wad currently has 40 dm maps, originally suppose to be 43 but like I said the production has died down, so I'm just going to release what I've got as a beta until I get around to filling in the gaps.

This is compatible on the 3 major multiplayer ports, Oda, Zandro an ZD
maps are - UPTDM01 to UPTDM35 then UPTDM37 to UPTDM39 (UPTDM36 is a wip)
extra levels are GOLD1, GOLD2, (and GOLD3 is a wip)

And credits go to the team:


and Dr.Noob/Edd for making the interpic


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Damn, this stuff is quality - Quite a nice variety of flavors here!

Some of those Pantera midis are laughably bad, but who gvies a crap about the music anyway? Eagerly awaiting the final release!

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