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Is it ok to use content from other Wads?

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Ok, so I am currently designing a Speedmapping Wolf3d Tc which is not intended to be an overhaul of doom. Simply replacing basic enemy unit with ones for the Wolf3d series. It has a couple minor changes to improve the theme but all in all they are minor changes.

I am at a moral dilemma however. I am using many sources as content including Blood, Duke3d, Hard Doom, Quake and several speedmapping sessions.

I designed a couple maps in this but most are other peoples maps, some are oblige (As I really just wanted to test the enemy replacement and didn't particularly want to build 32 maps).

If credit is given to all the authors, is it ok to use other peoples work in a TC. I find the Wad is incredibly fun to play but am at a crossroads as to whether it should be posted or not.

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If they have granted permission, then it is OK.

If they have not granted permission, then it is not OK.

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If they have not explicitly granted permission in a textfile, then you *should* contact the authors and ask if you can use their work. If the author isn't active anymore / cannot be contacted / doesn't care (that's basically the case of game studios that made Blood, Duke3D etc.), in practice it's usually *tolerated* to use the work without permission.

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