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A Bunch Of Songs From Bootleg Megadrive Games

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I spent all night last night ripping songs from bootleg Megadrive games (mostly King Of Fighters '99) since the music was the best part of any of them. Since I want to feel like this effort wasn't wasted, here they are for you to download for your listening pleasure, maybe stick in a wad of some description, whatever you want.

The King Of Fighters '99
-Game Over
-Cyclops' Theme
-Ryo & Andy's Theme
-Ioro's Theme
-Joe's Theme
-Ryu's Theme

Lord Of The Rings
-Aragorn's Theme
-Eowyn's Theme/Character Select
-Lorogias's [sic] Theme
-UrukHai's Theme

MK5 Mortal Combat Sub Zero
-Options Menu
-Stage 1 "Shaolin Temple"
-Stage 2 "The Wlement of Water"
-Stage 3 "The Element of Earth"
-Stage 4 "Quan-Chi's Sanctuary"

Pocket Monsters
-Title Screen/Intro
-Level 1 "In The Forest"
-Level 2 "It's Hot"
-Level 3 "Jump Around"

Pokemon Stadium
-Title Screen
-Unnamed Track 1
-Unnamed Track 2
-Unnamed Track 3

Top Fighter 2000 MK VII (Ripped by Smedis2)
-Cyclops/Cycl's Theme
-Goku's Theme
-Geese Howard/Gees's Theme
-Joden & Kyo's Theme
-Ryu's Theme (GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!)

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