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Jungle-themed maps/wads?

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I'm pretty sure one of the episodes (second-to-last episode I think. Maps 21-25) in scythe 2 is jungle/aztec themed.

Then, I think neodoom has a few jungle themed levels.

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SGTmark made one named "Welcome to the jungle"
There are some jungle maps in jumpmaze and it's clones.

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Jimmy said:

*COUGH* *COUGH* scuse me

GodDAMN it! It's been 404'd! D:
Please fix, I loved the first beta!

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Here is a map called Jungle Juice, which was my submission for the Plutonia 1024 project. You aren't really in a jungle, so much as you are in a 1024x1024 wood and brick temple/box that has a "jungle" around it as peripherals. It's arguably more like a Where's Waldo puzzle of shootable switches than a doom map; warning to those who don't like that.

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