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Angry face glitch?

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I've found a glitch which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere before.

Basically, it makes the player's status bar mugshot take on an angry face for no reason. There are two ways I found to replicate it:

1. Start a new level (either by starting a new game, or IDCLEV)
2. Quickly bring up the menu, or pause the game, before the pistol rises all the way up
3. After about a second the player's face will turn angry and will stay that way until you unfreeze the game

The second way:

1. Start a new level
2. Begin quickly pressing the 1 and 2 keys to alternate between the fist and the pistol, not letting either weapon rise all the way
3. After a while the face will turn angry and will stay that way until you stop switching weapons

Tested on:
- Vanilla Doom shareware v1.9
- Chocolate Doom v1.7.0, with Doom II

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TendaMonsta said:

When I was younger I thought that Doomguy was getting pissed at me so I refrained from suppressed fire.

This made my day.

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Stat bar's just coded to consider the amount of time the weapon's been outside its ready state; it's not smart about *why* it has been outside that state. So anything from pausing the game, switching weapons really fast, or some poor DeHackEd work can result in a sustained grimace.

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