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Screenshots/videos for the web site

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The screenshots page is very sorely out of date. I think it'll be best to just delete the 0.6.4 stuff entirely. And to replace it... we need 0.9 stuffs, for all three IWADs :)

With this, I think some guidelines for screenshot submissions should be set:

  • Screen dimensions should be a 16:9 resolution, most preferably 1280×720.
  • If you use an OpenGL port, do not use linear filtering, set it to nearest (or simply use a software renderer).
  • The status bar should be displayed on the screen, we aren't showing off the Boom or ZDoom HUDs.
Videos should generally follow the same guidelines, however if you provide a *.lmp demo recording, which I could then record with PrBoom+ and upload to YouTube, you can pretty much ignore those guidelines and use whatever resolution, filtering, or HUDs you wish. Just try to record them in vanilla format, which are "-complevel 2" for freedm.wad and freedoom2.wad, and "-complevel 3" for freedoom1.wad; you probably need to use Chocolate Doom for FreeDM multiplayer demos. They might even double as the demos built into the IWADs, if you so wish! :D

Grab the latest builds and have at it. Phase 1 and 2 levels are mostly stable, for *.lmp demo sharing, FreeDM is still getting there.

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