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Final Doom TNT Evilution OST Credits

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I've always wondered who composed the soundtracks for TNT Evilution. Now, I know the fact that Tom Mustaine was one of the composers, and Evilution has used several stock Doom 2 music, courtesy of Robert Prince, but according to the Team TNT website, check here, the music was also done by Leo (L.A.) Sieben, Jonathan El-Bizri, and Josh Martel. I don't know much about the last two composers (though El-Bizri has composed music for Icarus and so did Mustaine), but with Sieben, he along with Mustaine did music for the two commercial-released megawads Hell to Pay and Perdition's Gate, so it's quite easy for me to tell between the two as many of their tracks are reminiscent to what they've composed for Evilution. Here's a rundown of who I believed composed the tracks.

Map01: Sadistic (Leo Sieben)
Map02: Smells Like Burning Corpse (Leo Sieben)
Map03: Message For the Arch-Vile (Robert Prince)*
Map04: Death's Bells (Leo Sieben)
Map05: More (Tom Mustaine)
Map06: Agony Rhapsody (Leo Sieben)
Map07: Soldier of Chaos (Josh Martel)
Map08: Into the Beast's Belly (Leo Sieben)
Map09: Sadistic (Leo Sieben)
Map10: Infinite (Tom Mustaine)
Map11: Let's Kill at Will (Josh Martel)
Map12: The Dave D. Taylor Blues (Robert Prince)*
Map13: Death's Bells (Leo Sieben)
Map14: Cold Subtleness (Jonathan El-Bizri)
Map15: Smells Like Burning Corpse (Leo Sieben)
Map16: Blood Jungle (Jonathan El-Bizri)
Map17: More (Tom Mustaine)
Map18: Infinite (Tom Mustaine)
Map19: Countdown to Death (Robert Prince)*
Map20: Horizon (Tom Mustaine)
Map21: Into Sandy's City (Robert Prince)*
Map22: AimShootKill (Tom Mustaine)
Map23: Bye, Bye, American Pie (Robert Prince)*
Map24: Between Levels (Robert Prince)*
Map25: DOOM (Robert Prince)*
Map26: Blood Jungle (Jonathan El-Bizri)
Map27: Into the Beast's Belly (Leo Sieben)
Map28: AimShootKill (Tom Mustaine)
Map29: Death's Bells (Leo Sieben)
Map30: Into the Beast's Belly (Leo Sieben)
Map31: Legion of the Lost (Leo Sieben)
Map32: Into Sandy's City (Robert Prince)*
Intermission text: TNT Story (Leo Sieben)
Title Screen: TNT Title (Tom Mustaine)
Intermission screen: Legion of the Lost (Leo Sieben)

* Doom 2 music.

Tom's music contributions can be found here. I hope it's close, if not accurate, to what could be the actual music credits.



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