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Dancing with Archviles

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This is a map for level one of doom 2 , a Vanilla map

No screen shots as it's just a quick one room level that I thought up which may be interesting.

Can you complete this one room map?


This is very possible to win as I have done so ... so that makes it super extra possible - it just requires an unorthodox and somewhat clever method. I call this "Dancing with Archviles" and that's also a hint.

Good luck and if you spare a second to play this, let me know your thoughts good and bad.

Thanks all!

Supports all difficulty settings, multiplayer and deathmatch.

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I like it. It took me more than a couple of tries (and some luck) on UV-fast. Despite being so simple, it's higly addictive. Good work.

EDIT: I also have to add that the only way I could beat it was without firing a single shot, so to not alert the other 8 archies. I assume it's possible (but very difficult) to kill them all?

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Thanks guys.

And you got it Zed, that's the game plan. Be very very quiet!

However when the exit is available so is a very special secret that should help you get the other 8 ;)

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Nicely crafted out exercise, even though it's above my casual skills on UV. I seriously think that the platform's lowering takes way too much time, that's my only gripe (instead of replaying the map the 4th time and having to wait again, I gave up). But overally the map works more than well, even in its simplicity, so thumbs up.

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