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What happened to Daniel Bärlin (aka Gecko Yamori?)

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I tried looking up so of his songs on his youtube (which is where a good amount of his stuff could be found) and the entire channel is blank. He had a few Doom remixes and some other stuff that were pretty damn good, but it looks like he wiped them out. I know he comes on here once in a blue moon, but I doubt he will within this thread's lifespan.

Some of his work can be found on other sites, but it's only a handful. If anyone has links to a full repository of all of his works, I'd appreciate it.

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He posted here not too long ago I think.

Just searched his name and it was just under a month since he last posted.

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I sent him a PM about this a while ago but he never responded. It's a shame, his work is pretty awesome. What, too many copyright strikes from the (automated) man?

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I think he goes by "lazygecko" on NeoGAF, and is a user who posts there relatively frequently? Could be way off, however.

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He's still around. And yeah he's lazygecko


And here's a bunch of his older stuff, it's not gone forever:




This site has more in the sidebars:

Sodaholic said:

too many copyright strikes from the (automated) man?

Probably, that's the #1 reason I don't upload anything to YouTube.

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