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Dark Soldier (Revenant) Sound Submission

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Hello, I've got some sounds for the Dark Soldier here. These are completely original, and were made using my voice, a bit of tin foil and a sound editor.

All the sounds in a zip file:

..and the sounds in a WAD file for anyone wanting to try them out:

I also compiled this list of currently missing sounds, if it's of any help to anyone...

DSBOSPIT ------- Boss brain shooting cube
DSBOSPN -------- Boss brain pain
DSBSPACT ------- Small Technospider (Arachnotron) active
DSBSPDTH ------- Small Technospider (Arachnotron) death
DSBSPSIT ------- Small Technospider (Arachnotron) alert
DSBSPSIT ------- Small Technospider (Arachnotron) walk
DSCACDTH ------- Orb Monster (Cacodemon) death
DSCYBDTH ------- Assault Tripod (Cyberdemon) death
DSFLAME -------- Flame Bringer (Arch Vile) flame
DSFLAMST ------- Flame Bringer (Arch Vile) flame spawn (unused)
DSKNTDTH ------- Pain Bringer (Hell Knight) death
DSKNTSIT ------- Pain Bringer (Hell Knight) alert
DSMANATK ------- Combat Slug (Mancubus) attack
DSPEDETH ------- Deadflare Ball (Pain Elemental) death
DSPEPAIN ------- Deadflare Ball (Pain Elemental) pain
DSSKEACT ------- Dark Soldier (Revenant) active
DSSKEDTH ------- Dark Soldier (Revenant) death
DSSKEPCH ------- Dark Soldier (Revenant) hit
DSSKESIT ------- Dark Soldier (Revenant) alert
DSSKESWG ------- Dark Soldier (Revenant) swing

DSSPIDTH ------- Large Technospider (Spider Mastermind) death
DSSPISIT ------- Large Technospider (Spider Mastermind) alert

Edit: Originally I accidentally said my sounds were for the Pain Bringer (Hell Knight), when they're for the Dark Soldier. Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

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Thanks for the list, I might take a crack at a few. I think I can do some good new boss sounds, I just have to get an adapter for my mic first (I currently use different audio hardware than I used to a few years ago when I got the mic).

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